Video Premiere: “Blast Off” With Nicky Blitz
video premiere

Ever drive down Sunset Blvd. in a black 59′ Chevy convertible with red leather interior and pull up to a red light with the music blasting?

Me neither but if I did, this is the song I would have playing so my neighbors know just how cool I am.  Having only a hand full of singles on the board, the Los Angeles native and multi-instrumentalist, Nicky Blitz (real name Nick Scapa) is making a splash with his upbeat blend of catchy pop hooks and electro beats wrapped around his electrifying punky vocals.  Coming from a successful career as a songwriter with hits for Miley Cyrus (“Liberty Walk”) and Icona Pop (“Light Me Up”), Nick decided to take things into his own hands and release his debut track “Dynamite” earlier this year.  With his follow up, “Blast Off” Nick hones in on the nostalgic yet modern balls to the wall throbbing beat with a touch of room for a sing along.  Drop a dime in the jukebox and listen for yourself.  Or just watch the video here.

“Blast Off is about eating your fear, grabbing your fist and pounding it against your chest. It’s a call to say, ‘I’m fucking coming, I’m going for it, and nothing will get in my way.’ It’s my mantra for being unstoppable and it can be yours too.” – Nicky Blitz

Since Nicky grew up in LA (the valley, I know, I know) we thought he might have some sweet insight into our home city and it just so happens he did.  Check out a few of Nicky’s favs around the old City of Angels.

Favorite LA restaurant:

Nicky Blitz: Dan Tana’s – It’s old school, serves great steaks and stiff drinks.

Favorite bar:

NB: I like the Cadillac at Casa Vega. It’s dark and feels like Christmas.

Favorite coffee shop:

NB: I like the Little Cafe in the Valley, grew up going there. I get a good old fashion hot water with lemon like my Grandma.

LA has a lot of cool architecture people overlook when they think LA.  Any buildings or landmarks you love:

NB: Franklin Bridge, Los Encinos State Park ,the Nike Missile Base on Mullholland. These are all places that brought me tons of wonder and had my imagination roaring.

Where would you recommend people stay:

NB: Depends on your budget, hit me when you know.

Favorite place to catch a show:

NB: Hollywood Bowl is the most spectacular venue. There is something special about being outside with the stars and tress above you, it’s incredible.

Best karaoke in town:

NB: My parents house after a few drinks.

Favorite boutique:

NB: Douglas Fur is the best. John, the owner, is cool as hell and has insane taste.

If someone only had 24 hours in your city, how would you recommend they occupy that time:

NB: Rent a bike in Venice and cruise the boardwalk. You will see the mountains, the sea and some other shit you never expected. You also will get some great cardio which is important too.

What does your city have that you can’t find anywhere else:

NB: This is where heaven and hell intersect, literally. (This is LITERALLY the best answer CC has ever gotten.)

Do you draw inspiration from your city, how does it inform your music:

NB: LA straight up.  You step outside and there is always something to see and learn from.  My surroundings are everything. This place constantly inspires, the sounds the colors, the shadiness, ” the Hollywood”, the suburbs, the surf, the sand. It’s all here for you.



photo by: Jimmy Fontaine, Marina Williams