Video Premiere: Ben Stevenson Explores Land and Identity in “Honeycola”
video premiere

Ben Stevenson’s latest record started in Joshua Tree and ended in Toronto, and as seemingly varied and different as these places are, so is the record, with its nods to past decades, sounds, and spiritualisms.

Although Stevenson’s beginnings may rest in punk, his approach shifted during a period of transition and creative upheaval. With his debut album CaraCara, Stevenson arrives at a sound rooted in psychedelic folk rock, containing at once the soft transcendental edges of the 70s mixed with a more current brand of hazey rock. His video for single “Honeycola” is no exception, as it takes us on a journey through LA’s most recognized vistas, palm tree lined streets and the people that call it home. As Stevenson remarks:

“The video for Honeycola is about the discovery and embrace of inner femininity. A process which has taken me a lifetime but especially blossomed in the last few months. While feared and repressed for much of my life, it has found its way with me, pushing itself up like a blade of grass. Shooting in LA we were able to capture the natural landscape, the flowers and the trees as symbols of this. The juxtaposition of the standard ‘guy in the video lip-synching the song’ with the unleashed beauty of the female alter-ego is a celebration of the inner woman, and the liberation she represents.”

Watch the video below for “Honeycola” and check out Stevenson’s exclusive Toronto city guide.

photo by: Laura Lynn Petrick