Video Premiere: Animal Years “Caroline”
video premiere

Brooklyn based grass roots folk band Animal Years are releasing the video component to “Caroline”, the single off of their upcoming album Far From Home.

The trio have spent some years together honing their anthemic folk sound over the span of a full length in 2014 and a few small releases in between.  Building off of that momentum “Caroline” has over half a million plays on Spotify, which no doubt are spins of support from their loyal fan base while grabbing new ones along the way.

“Someone once described us in a review as ‘singer-songwriter music with the amps turned up,’ Mike McFadden (vocals, guitar) notes.  “The emphasis is on the songs and the songwriting, but we’re definitely a rock band.  Even if I’m playing an acoustic guitar, I’m playing it through an amp with the distortion on.  We’re always gonna be louder than the other bands on the bill.”

The video itself is a tale of a man and a woman searching for each other, love and the meaning of life, or maybe I’m just a sap.  The song builds with a foot stomping guitar driven melody that culminates in an anthemic sing along chorus that mirrors the quirks of the video.  I say quirks in the best way, like the inflatable air puppet in the field.  I love that!  Not a spoiler, swear.  This is truly a great track that I’m nintey four and a half percent sure will end up on your “November 2017” playlist.  With songs like these Animal Years are a band to watch.

Mike McFadden (vocals, guitar) says, ‘Recording “Caroline” and Far From Home with Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy) out in Woodstock was, more than anything else, fun as hell. We were smiling and laughing pretty much the whole time, whether we were standing around coming up with vocal harmonies or trying to find the perfect piece of wood to stomp on in the massive live room. That lighthearted, rambunctious spirit sort of infuses all aspects of the band, especially on tour; we want our live shows to feel like parties. So when Rubberband pitched us this concept for the video, we immediately felt like they had known us for years – they just nailed it. It’s fun and quirky and slightly fantastical – sometimes you can’t tell what’s real and what’s not – but it’s grounded in this deeply real, honest story about two lovers trying to make their way back to one another. We’re excited to share it with everyone.’

We chatted with the boys about some of their favorite things in Brooklyn.

Favorite restaurant and why? What’s your order?
That’s tough because there is so much food in nyc.. but our go to would have to be Xi’ans famous spicy cumin lamb noodles (in soup is the way to go).

Favorite bar and why? What’s your drink order?
Doc holidays is a welcome break from the typical downtown bar.  They play music from a jukebox rather than top 40 and it’s a dive bar, so whatever good beer is on tap is the move.

Favorite coffee shop and why?
La Colombe is the best and they have pretzel croissants from city bakery!

What are some underrated buildings or landmarks you love and why?
We wouldn’t say it’s underrated but going out to Coney Island is fun and worth the trip from the city.

Where would you recommend people stay?
If you’ve got the money stay at the Bowery hotel! The move is to get an Airbnb these days in a hip neighborhood like East Village, Williamsburg, or even Bushwick.

Favorite place to catch a show and why?
Bowery ballroom because we just played there and it’s a legendary NYC venue.

Best karaoke in town?
Sing Sing on St. Marks is the spot for late night karaoke.

Favorite boutique and why?
Rudy’s Music Shop is a really cool spot to check out guitars.

What’s the most inspiring outdoor space and why?
The boathouse bar in Central Park is typically bustling but beautiful. Rent a boat on a nice day… The botanical gardens are also amazing. 

If someone only had 24 hours in your city, what would you recommend they see and do?
Go see one major landmark, one cool live show, and drop some dough at a really great restaurant.

What does your city have that you can’t find anywhere else?
Let’s just say if you can’t find it anywhere else you can probably find it here.

Do you draw inspiration from your city and if so, how does it inform your music?
Everyday. Everyone you see on the street is out trying to make something happen and you realize if you’re not doing the same then there are plenty of people who will end up getting ahead of you.

photo by: Organic Photography