Video Premiere: Alana Henderson’s Steely “Let This Remain”
video premiere

Cellist and singer-songwriter Alana Henderson hails from Northern Ireland where she was brought up playing in the traditional folk clubs of her rural home county. After self-releasing her debut EP Wax and Wane in 2014, she acquired some substantial admirers including Hozier, and subsequently joined his band on cello and vocal support.

Fast forward a couple years and Alana has returned to releasing solo work once again, her latest offering being the pointed, “Let This Remain,” a down-tempo and unswerving track about cutting ties with someone toxic. “You could be the only one I don’t regret yet,” sings Alana.

The track features distorted and manipulated cello loops, sweeping analogue synthesizers and sparse electronic percussion, all adding to the icy pop veneer of this chilling track. Like a blanket of snow, the song envelopes the airwaves with Alana’s commanding, cool vocals, and the rich, resounding timbre of the cello.

For the music video, Alana opted for simplicity. She sits playing her cello, staring unwaveringly into the camera as the light shifts from red to blue, then to black as snow starts to fall. “With the ‘Let This Remain’ shoot I wanted to reference the artifice of the music video as a medium” says Alana. “We all know music videos are not live performances and that what we see is essentially a pretense. I wanted to subvert that expectation by presenting the rehearsal as the finished product. The lyric ‘Let This Remain’ is itself a crack in the otherwise icy veneer of the song; shooting in one take was a conscious decision to let the video reflect that vulnerability.”

Watch the video premiere of Alana Henderson’s “Let This Remain” below and be sure to check out her exclusive Belfast city guide. 

photo by: Joe McGivern; background Marketa/Flickr