VIDEO: Johnny Ashby unveils breathtaking visuals for “In Bloom”

British singer/songwriter Johnny Ashby is known for his hearty indie folk music, written to warm the soul.

Releasing the stunning visuals for “In Bloom”, Ashby reinforces his ability to create something for listeners to emotionally connect with on a deeper level. Taking inspiration from the simplicity of Ben Howard’s “Old Pine” video, we watch the musician alone on an empty beach, discovering his inner-peace and reflecting on life. The poignant song exudes a nostalgic feeling, while haunting backing vocals send shivers down your spine. Delicate guitars and mesmerizing melodies encapsulate the very best of Ashby’s warming indie folk sound.

Now based in Los Angeles, Ashby finds inspiration under the rays of the Southern California sun, with his music radiating a similar fuzzy feeling.

Ashby speaks on the single sharing, “I love the piano melody in the bridge and I love the big U2 guitars on the outro. There’s so many sections and parts on this song, all these hooks intertwine together. I get really excited when that happens on a song. It’s what songwriting is all about for me.”

“In Bloom” is the title-track off of his latest EP, a five-track release written to offer a place of solace during such uncertain times. It’s easy to see how listening to Ashby can result in a form of therapy, with his deep, velvet tones and husky vocals emitting a soulful sincerity and pure relaxation. Both intimate and vulnerable, Ashby captivates listeners from the very get go.

Check out the “In Bloom” visuals below:




Photo by: Jovanna Reyes