VIDEO: Devin Hailey releases romantic R&B single “Kick It 2 U”

The up-and-coming rapper Devin Hailey, son of K-Ci from the duo K-Ci & Jojo, released his latest single “Kick It 2 U” and accompanying music video on Sept. 11th, 2020.

The single has an old-school hip hop feel to it and talks about pursuing a romance. Featuring catchy, flowing lyrics like “Let me kick it to you baby / let me hit you with that good love / you’re the one I’m thinking of,” Devin Hailey exudes talent and charisma. Hip hop and R&B fans are sure to love his sound.

Hailey recorded the song unexpectedly, having brought a lot of restlessness and strong feelings into the studio due to the passing of a loved one earlier that same day. The result is that “Kick It 2 U” is soulful and full of love—reflecting the love he had for the friend who had passed away.

The video, shot in LA, highlights beautiful buildings, gray rooftops contrasting blue sky, and colorful lens flares. Hailey switches between rapping to the camera and chasing a gorgeous girl. His rap flow is light, as is his singing voice highlighted in the chorus. His voice is reminiscent of someone like Chance the Rapper, while the beat might remind listeners of Nelly.


Check out the music video for “Kick It 2 U” below: