VÉRITÉ Tour Diary: Peering Through The Shadows
tour diary

Kelsey Regina Byrne, more popularly known as VÉRITÉ, is blowing up the world with truth bombs and aching melodies.

The New York native has nailed the art of an alt-pop single. Since her first release in 2014, the singer-songwriter has gone on to deliver hit after hit. Her debut album, Somewhere in Between, which was released last year,  filled the charts with tunes that are paradoxically understated and bold at the same time. This year she followed the album up with, Somewhere in Between – The Remixes. Artists like Heavymellow, PELL, Tigertown and BASECAMP join the talented songstress to shake things up and put a new spin on her songs. VÉRITÉ hit the road recently to perform these unflinching ballads. Her collection of tour photos is just as melodramatic and hip as her tracks. Check it out below!

photo by: Nicole Mago