Turnstile Cranked It Up at Warsaw Brooklyn

Turnstile played a sold out show at Warsaw in Brooklyn on May 5, 2018. 

Hardcore band Turnstile has been tearing up the stages in support of their latest record Time & Space, which includes the track “Right to Be,” produced by Diplo. When news of that pairing broke there were some raised eyebrows; but after the album’s release and this past month of touring, we think any skepticism has been replaced with feverish excitement for what the hardcore band is doing.

Experiencing their energy at a live show makes you truly appreciate the band. Before they even hit the stage, the young headliners were already causing a stir among fans, heady with anticipation and ready for some crowd surfing. Bassist Franz Lyons appeared briefly in the crowd and those who recognized the guitarist greeted him excitedly.

In the meantime, openers Nosebleed (we missed), Razorbumps, Culture Abuse, and Touche Amore did a great job entertaining the crowd. Each band brought something different — and welcome — to the rowdy evening. Denton, Texas band Razorbumps were high energy and fun (Jenn Smith is a glam frontwoman), while Culture Abuse bantered with the crowd. Touche Amore’s heavy sound gained a few more fans that night.

By the time Turnstile came out the crowd was properly amped up. Nearly everyone got into their set, thrashing in the pit or jumping up and down among friends. With sweat and appendages flying, the concept of personal space was nonexistent.

Check out the highlights.

photo by: Shaun Regan