Travel Picks By The Creatives Behind Emo Nite LA

Combining branding, merchandising, and event production, Emo Nite LA is a multifaceted team that has been bringing the LA-emo-vibes all across the nation. What once used to be a monthly event in Los Angeles has turned into a multi-city endeavor, incorporating a weekly podcast show as well as a clothing line that’s caught the attention of many.

photo Dave Olinger

We picked the brains of founders Babs, TJ, and Morgan of Emo Nite LA to see where some of the well-travelled have found their favorites.

Tastiest cup of coffee: 
BabsSightglass in San Francisco, hands down.

TJ: We found a restaurant in Atlanta literally named ‘Babs‘ so we had to try it. It was delicious and their coffee was amazing.

Morgan: I fuck heavy with my friend Dale who makes the best at Alfred Coffee in LA tbh.

Most spectacular view:

Babs: The insides of my eyelids at 3am. The like count on our Instagram memes. JK. Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

TJ: There’s a restaurant in a Seattle at Pike’s Place that has an incredible view of the waterfront and the ferris wheel. All the servers there love to come to Emo Nite too!

Morgan: Any hotel room after Emo Nite. Cruising around Chicago is great also when the weather is good.

Best stretch of highway (If they’re driving at all):

Babs: Driving into Vegas!

TJ: We don’t drive much really.

Morgan: I like driving in NYC because there’s a ton of cool stuff to look at and also a bunch of trash to look at.

Favorite hotel:

Babs: Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas is always really fun.

TJ: Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas is the best.

MorganThe Warwick in Denver always does me right.

photo Ian Bell

Most memorable audience moment:

Babs: Jordan from New Found Glory came to DJ in San Diego, and in the beginning of “My Friends Over You” the sound cut out. He ended up just singing the entire song a cappella and the entire crowd sang along to every word. It was amazing.
Morgan: MGK in NYC or when there was this giant circle of people singing “Soco Amaretto Lime” in Seattle at the end of the night.

Best found object or purchase:

Babs: TJ found me an OG Good Charlotte sweater from House of Vintage in Portland. We usually go there whenever we’re in town.

TJ: Found a vintage amazing Metallica hoodie at House of Vintage in Portland that my girlfriend promptly stole.

MorganSearch and Destroy on St Marks in NYC rules, also House of Vintage in Portland has some great shit. Both are super overwhelming to shop in though.

Favorite cheap eats while traveling:

Babs: The dollar slices in New York ARE EVERYTHING.

TJSizzle Pie in Portland yum.

MorganBiscuit Bitch is tight. I think that’s in Portland.

Best dive bar:

Babs: Pageturners in Omaha or Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco.

Morgan: I don’t drink so anything that serves ginger ale is good with me.

photo Grizzlee Martin

Most exciting city discovery:

Babs: We went to Saddle Creek Records and got to take a photo in front of the “Fevers and Mirrors” mirror which was the coolest thing ever.

TJ: In Dallas the folks who help us run Emo Nite down there took me out to breakfast — it was basically just a giant Bloody Mary with a breakfast sandwich and donuts on it.

Morgan: We don’t get a chance to stay in lot of places for that long but the coolest thing is meeting everyone.

Any travel nightmares and your advice on surviving them?

Babs: Always get to the airport early because there is nothing worse than almost missing a flight. I’ve luckily never missed a flight, but I’ve gotten super close.
TJ: I left my laptop on the plane and still haven’t gotten it back. I guess Delta Airlines processes all lost and found items through some warehouse in Atlanta regardless of where the item is actually found…. always double check the seat pocket and under your seat!

Morgan: Stay the fuck away from LAX at all costs.

photo by: main: Grizzlee Martin