Travel with Purpose for Graduate Hotels: The Outdoor Issue

Our second print magazine in partnership with the Graduate Hotels is here!

For our latest issue of Travel With Purpose, we decided to look to the people who use their creativity, storytelling and adventurous spirit in an effort to conserve our wild spaces. From ecologists and wildlife photographers to educators and business owners, our contributors rounded up some of the best places to explore and the ways in which we can better protect them.

In these pages we travel to Ann Arbor, Athens, Berkeley, Charlottesville, Iowa City, Lincoln, Madison, Minneapolis, Oxford, Richmond and Tempe. Dive into the stories of people like ecologist, photographer and Berkeley graduate Charles Post as he recounts his time at university. Discover the paintings of Richmond-based artist Shaylen Broughton as she describes the beauty and intricacy of water; or learn more about how University of Wisconsin graduate Elyse Rylander is introducing queer youth to the outdoors. 

Be sure to check back in as we post interviews, city guides and recommendations on the site. So dive into a new adventure, find a trail, learn more about your favorite cities and most importantly, travel with purpose. 

Available exclusively at all Graduate Hotels. 


photo by: marketa/Flickr