Travel with Purpose for Graduate Hotels: The Obscure Sports Issue

Our third print magazine in partnership with the Graduate Hotels is here!

Available exclusively at all Graduate Hotels properties, the magazine pays tribute to the college towns, athletes and creatives who found a part of themselves in these cities, from Olympic training to flourishing lifelong hobbies.

In these pages, we travel to Bloomington, Eugene, Iowa City, Seattle and Providence. Discover the merging worlds of MMA fighting and writing with Julie Kedzie, or learn how Melise Edwards uses both science and sport to make an impact. Curious about the world of Olympic training? We have that, too, with in-depth discussions from Olympic athletes Ian Dobson and Jimmy Pedro.

Make sure to check back in as we post city guides, interviews and fantastic recommendations. Dive into these guides and learn about obscure sports, your favorite cities, and most importantly, travel with purpose.

Available exclusively at all Graduate Hotels. 

photo by: Jim Flory