TRAVEL: Vegas, Baby! Five Great Vegas Spots For You To Try

It’s Vegas, baby! The American entertainment utopia. If you can think of something to do, you can do it in Vegas. Sometimes there’s so much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming! We wanted to narrow things down for you. Here’s a list of Vegas spots that come recommended to you by some of your favorite bands and artists. 


Velveteen Rabbit: 

Located in the heart of the arts district, Velveteen Rabbit has a menu full of some of the most creative cocktails you could imagine. Its eclectic, artistic design is a wonderful backdrop for a truly unique space. If you’re looking for a drink in Vegas which, let’s be honest you probably are, Velveteen Rabbit is a great spot to check out. 

Recommended by The Lique and Jessica Manalo 


11th Street Records:

11th Street has proved to be a hub for all Clark County music lovers. Whether you’re looking for records to buy or looking for records to sell, 11th Street is the place for you. Located just of, you guessed it, 11th street it’s not far from downtown and something that will absolutely be worth your time. 

Recommended by The Killers


Mount Charleston:

We all think of Vegas as an urban nightlife hub but, if you stray not too far from the city, you’ll find some beautiful nature scenes. Mount Charleston is a little less than 35 miles outside of Vegas and it’s a beautiful hiking spot for year-round outdoor enthusiasts. If you don’t mind the summer Vegas heat, Mount Charleston is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown. 

Recommended by Brian Mulligan and Angela Jadyn 


Tacos & Beer: 

They serve tacos and beer! A menu full of street style tacos, craft beers, and creative cocktails all packed into a quirky, well-decorated space adds up to be a great spot to kill your craving. After all, how can you say no to Tacos & Beer? What else are you looking for in Vegas? 

Recommended by The Killers 


Vesta Coffee Roasters:

Craft, retail, and wholesale top quality coffee. Vesta prides itself on its unique selection of coffee from across the entire globe. Vesta is able to put all of it together into a vibrant space with an open, stylish interior for you to enjoy along with your drink of choice. 

Recommended by Jessica Manalo


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We know that. However, next time you find yourself in Vegas, be sure to keep these spots in mind! No matter what you get up to, these spots are worth checking out.