TRAVEL: Tigers Jaw’s Guide to Philadelphia

Originally hailing from Scranton, PA, Tigers Jaw has carved a unique spot for themselves over a decade plus of work. With their most recent release I Won’t Care How You Remember Me, Tigers Jaw marks 15 years since their original 2006 release, Belongs to the Dead. Now nearly synonymous with the Philadelphia scene, Tigers Jaw spoke with COLLiDE to give us some of their favorite spots around the city they call home. Here are some highlights of their picks. 


Liberty Market: 

A no-frills market in the middle of Philadelphia serving up some great Middle Eastern food for great price. 

“Liberty Choice Market has a falafel lunch special that has always been my cheap go-to.”


Hello Donuts + Coffee 

I mean, who is going to say no to donuts and coffee? Hello Donuts + Coffee has a unique relationship to Tigers Jaw as Ben Walsh is a co-founder of the place! So, if you want the full Philly experience as told by Tigers Jaw, this place is surely a must. 


“My favorite coffee place is Hello Donuts + Coffee (biased answer, I am a co-founder)” – Ben Walsh


Les and Doreen’s Happy Tap

A classic neighborhood corner just outside of Fishtown, Les and Doreen’s is revered by locals and a place to check out if you’re in the area looking for a good time. 


“Les and Doreen’s Happy Tap is a hidden Fishtown gem I used to live next to. I would order Kenzingers and would go for bingo nights on Wednesdays. They also have a great karaoke night on Saturdays.” 


Tattooed Mom 

A unique spot in the South Philly serving up an eclectic menu full of vegan and vegetarian options. 


“Our favorite vegan restaurant in the city is Tattooed Mom’s. Try the vegan Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.” 


Philadelphia boasts one of America’s most exciting music scenes. Full of blossoming artists and unique venues, Philly is sure to be a favorite for most music fans. If you’re able to explore the city, be sure to check out some of these spots as recommended by one of Philadelphia’s signature bands.