Travel Through the Streets of Hong Kong in Blood Wine or Honey’s Latest Video
video premiere

More a short film than a music video, Blood Wine or Honey’s latest visuals for “Fear & Celebration” is a journey into the lesser known corners of life through the streets of Hong Kong.

Following a man from the neon metropolis to the forest, the story is guided by pulsing electronics — a Fela Kuti meets Rio De Janeiro rhythmic world. Akin to the pacing and grit of late ‘90s urban thrillers like Run Lola Run, we meet a slew of characters along the way, from the late night palm reader to the rooftop dancer. Somehow she feels closer to an assassin than a performer, and this double meaning is found everywhere, as though this world is not quite what it seems in the most Murakami of ways. 

Directed by Fred Yurichuk and shot in a day, many of the locations are near the studio where the band’s latest album was made. As transplants to the Chinese city, the trio has found that “the world doesn’t revolve around the music scene in any particular place. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re from.” Like their philosophy surrounding geography, their sound transcends place and time.

Watch the video for “Fear & Celebration,” the title track from their newest record, released this summer.

photo by: Daniel Murray; Colin Tsoi