TRAVEL: The Perfect Dublin Spots for St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For one day a year, we’re all Irish. We’re taking a look at spots around  Ireland’s capital recommended by artists as a part of Hard Rock’s City Guides. Whether you’re in Ireland or not this weekend, keep these spots in mind if you ever find yourself Dublin! 

Queen of Tarts

As Found in the Dublin Hard Rock City Guide

“The best cup of coffee is at Queen of Tarts – I get a latte served with a freshly baked hot scone smothered in Irish butter, strawberry jam & fresh cream!”

Recommended by Joe Ballance 


Poddle Park 

As Found in the Dublin Hard Rock City Guide

“Poddle Park is a nice place to chill. Even though the river is so shallow you have to lay down to get wet on a hot summer day!” 

Recommended by Paddy Casey



As Found in the Dublin Hard Rock City Guide

“For casual drinks, you can’t beat WigWam. It’s a central location in the city with cheap enough drinks and a great vibe about it. The biggest draw however is the smoking area, great place for a chat with friends old or new. You get me? 

Recommended by Tebi Rex 



As Found in the Dublin Hard Rock City Guide

“We usually don’t discriminate when it comes to hangover food but the best would probably have to be the Wowburger chain. They have many stores all over Dublin but they offer unlimited toppings on any of their burgers which is a major selling point for the hangover cure.” 

Recommended by Orchid Collective 


George’s Street Arcade 

As Found in the Dublin Hard Rock City Guide

“George’s Street Arcade is a great open air ‘shopping center’ of sorts. Lots of quirky and cool independent retailers down there where you can get all sorts of stuff. It’s very intimate though, feels more like a market than anything else.”  – Tebi Rex

Recommended by Tebi Rex, Joe Ballance, and Orchid Collective


If you’re ever in Dublin, whether it be on St. Patrick’s Day or not, be sure you check out some of these spots! For even more Dublin spots, you can check out the Dublin Hard Rock City Guide!