After a year of the sweatpants and sleep shirt uniform, it’s safe to say we’re all due for a little closet revamp. And what better way to spend the final months of summer than updating our wardrobes with one-of-a-kind pieces (and making it sustainable while we’re at it.) Bustling cities are bursting at the seams with vintage clothing stores, full of unique finds just waiting to be re-discovered. Check out these artist’s favorite vintage thrift destinations across the U.S. below.


Knee Deep Vintage: Chicago, Illinois

Known for its cozy atmosphere and eclectic selection of used clothing that spans decades, Knee Deep Vintage is popular among both tourists and locals of the area. To top it off, Knee Deep also offers a variety of housewares and retro furniture to fulfill all of your vintage desires.

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Beacon’s Closet: Brooklyn, New York

This secondhand clothing store is renowned for its massive selection of vintage pieces at reasonable prices. Their largest location is in Greenpoint, and the endless rows of secondhand garments almost guarantee you’ll be leaving with your own irreplaceable treasure.

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Down at Lulu’s: Berkeley, California

Arguably the most unique spot on this list is Down at Lulu’s in Berkeley. The store is women-owned and run and triples as a vintage clothing shop, record shop, and full service salon. With three equally impressive features, Lulu’s defines what it means to be a “one stop shop.”

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Charm School Vintage: Austin, Texas

Charm School Vintage prides itself on selling garments with a story. This whimsical little store in Austin not only sells secondhand clothing but also sustainably-made jewelry, handcrafted apothecary products, and crystals, as well as hosting frequent workshops.
“They hand pick everything in there and know how to style you perfectly. It’s very dangerous every time I pay a visit. You can never go there just to ‘look around.’” — Shy Beast

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Black Shag Vintage: Nashville, Tennessee

Imbued with a rock n’ roll sensibility, Black Shag Vintage caters to those who are searching for “badass vintage clothing for men and women.” The Nashville store, while operating at a generally higher price point than some of the other spots on this list, supplies customers with high quality goods with an edge that’s hard to find anywhere else.
“[The] dude who owns it is super rock ‘n’ roll and will often help you out with items for different shoots you may be doing. Overall great vintage clothing options.” – Jet Black Alley Cat

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No Shop (stylized as “no.”): San Francisco, California

Self described as a shop with an “offbeat vibe,” this vintage shop gets 5 stars for curated quirkiness. The store carries a variety of vintage clothes, jewelry, and other accessories for women and men. Despite its small interior, this shop has no shortage of quality goods, both name-brand and vintage, which ensures that each customer will find something that speaks to them.

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