TRAVEL: The Best Spots Across Palm Springs

As we ease our way into Summer, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite spots across Palm Springs. Known as one of California’s most laid back vacation spots. Palm Springs offers everything from beautiful hiking to some of the most unique restaurants in the state. Here’s a look at some artist recommended spots across the city for you to check out on your Palm Springs visits! 


Red Barn

Cocktails are served out in a busy redesigned barn building with pool tables, shuffleboard, and stiff drinks. Red Barn even hosts live music! Consistently highlighting local artists, Red Barn not only holds a special place for the Palm Springs music scene, but the community at large too. 

Recommended by Caxton and Noah Gundersen 



A chic American bistro in Uptown Palm Springs with a unique outdoor patio space as well as neatly designed dining room. Offering up a professionally made cocktail menu and a gourmet lunch menu, Jake’s a great spot to feel like you’re living a California life. 

Recommended by The Dead Ships and Alex Clare 


Nature’s Health Food & Cafe

Ever so aptly named, this spot is a health-minded eclectic menu of vegan and vegetarian offerings. Burritos, Pasta, Stir Frys, etc. If you’re looking for something of the vegan/vegetarian variety, Nature’s Health Food & Cafe is a spot to keep on your radar. 

Recommended by Alf Alpha



Whether you’re having a rough “morning after” or, well, just a morning, Cheeky’s is a must. A beautifully delicious menu, highlighted by speciality cinnamon rolls, Cheeky’s is everything you could want from a breakfast spot. Going to Coachella would obviously be great but going to Cheeky’s isn’t too far behind. 

Recommended by Phases and Jessica Koslow 


Pinocchio in the Desert 

A lively spot with funky pop-culture decor, highlighted by a life-size Marilyn Monroe statue by the door, Pinochhio’s is a spot for everybody. With a mile-long menu, you’d be pressed to find something at this spot that didn’t sound great to you. 

Recommended by Pom Poms


If you find yourself on a Southern California desert getaway, be sure you don’t leave before checking out some of these spots!