TRAVEL: The Best of Wicker Park

Known in large for its local arts community, blossoming nightlife, and unique local food scene, Wicker Park is a favorite for Chicago locals. Seeing exponential growth and development, Wicker Park is sometimes joked as one of Chicago’s “hipster” communities but is full of great spots nonetheless. Here are some recommended spots to check out if you ever find yourself in the area! 


Myopic Books

A three story book store just off Milwaukee Avenue, Myopic Books takes its place as one of Chicago’s best stores for avid readers. Myopic even hosts small concerts and poetry readings from time to time!


Recommended by The Cool Kids


The Wormhole Coffee

Boasting 80’s nostalgia to the max, Wormhole is a truly unique shop in both its decor and its product. Wormhole even has a second location further into Bucktown filled to the brim with 90’s pop culture, a true sequel to its 80’s themed predecessor. 


Recommended by Slow Mass and Deeper 


Cafe Mustache

“I love stopping by Cafe Mustache in Logan Square for a Schlitz tallboy and a shot of Jameson. Karaoke on Sundays is always hopping, and a great place to slam a ‘Chicago Handshake.'” -White Mystery


Recommended by White Mystery 


Heaven Gallery 

If you’re looking to learn more about the local arts scene, Heaven Gallery is the place to look. Heaven Gallery is a non-profit arts space in the heart of Wicker Park encouraging, and presenting new opportunities to emerging multidisciplinary artists throughout Chicago. 


Recommended by Autograf


The Violet Hour 

If you’re looking for a nice cocktail and the end of the day (or the middle of the day, we won’t judge) The Violet Hour is a place you’re sure to enjoy. A wildly creative cocktail menu and small sophisticated meals are the signature of this stylish chic bar. 


Recommended by Bonzie


If you ever find yourself lost on the Blue Line, hop off at Damen and give one (or all) of these places a shot!