Ah, August. Whether this month inspires in you a sense of dread as school approaches or just a desire to escape the sweltering heat of the dog days, we’re all just looking for a place to sit down, cool off, and consider where we’ve been and where we’re going as this summer comes to a close. No matter where you are, there’s no shortage of charming cafes waiting to take your order. Check out some of the best cafes across the states– curated by your favorite artists and tastemakers.


Oslo Coffee Roasters – Brooklyn, NY
Established in 2003, this Williamsburg establishment is renowned for its high-quality coffee, produced by farmers who use “ecologically and socially sustainable practices,” and welcoming atmosphere. It boasts the “best coffee in New York City,” as well as a comfortable work environment for their veteran and newer customers (seriously, this place has a dedicated following).
Recommended by Monogold in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


Dovecote Cafe – Baltimore, MD
This charming and vibrant cafe, which is neatly tucked into Reservoir Hill, prides itself on its prerogative of “communal nesting,” from which it derives its name. Black-owned, Dovecote puts “community first, cafe second.” While enjoying the wide selection of handcrafted food and drinks available, customers are meant to “sit, stay, and gather at Dovecote Café.”
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Mercury Cafe – Denver, CO
This funky dining destination serves much more than just coffee; from poetry nights to tarot card readings, Mercury Cafe has an event that appeals to every customer. Top that with the fact that they use local organic ingredients in all of their dishes and it becomes clear why this cafe has been popular among locals and visitors since 1975. And while Mercury probably isn’t the best place to get work done, it’s perfect for forgetting you had any in the first place.
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Simple Pleasures Cafe – San Francisco, CA
Simple Pleasures is a traditional cafe that has been serving up coffee since 1978, and it has lost none of its bohemian charm. The menu features a wide assortment of bagels with various fixings, as well as house-made coffee drinks, making it the perfect spot to grab a quick breakfast in the morning or settle in to get some work done during the day.
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La Monarca Bakery & Cafe – Los Angeles, CA
La Monarca Bakery offers both savory and sweet Mexican fare, all made from scratch with all-natural ingredients. With more than ten locations scattered across the vast expanse of Los Angeles county, La Monarca features a unique blend of the traditional and the modern; classic Mexican flavors and sweets are served on their own as well as in other more modern applications (See their confetti mini concha or their tres leches cupcakes!)
“La Monarca is my favorite coffee shop. I order a soy Mexican chocolate latte. Go’n head and draw up your will now, cause you’re gonna frickin die after you drink it. SO GOOD.” – Tolliver
Recommended by Tolliver in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


Café Du Monde – New Orleans, LA
This open-air cafe with a green awning is a New Orleans landmark. Established in 1862 in the French Quarter, Café Du Monde has certainly withstood the test of time. The menu is simple: chicory coffee (served either black or au lait) and beignets– fried dough squares dusted with powdered sugar. The coffee stand is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, much to the delight of tourists and veteran customers.
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