Alana Henderson

Satisfy your sweet tooth on Pi Day with these recommendations from your favorite bands and artists!


Calling all math nerds and dessert enthusiasts, it’s your moment to shine! March 14th is Pi Day, and to celebrate, we’ve curated a list of some of the best bakeries and pastry shops from around the world.

Let your favorite bands and artists take you on a global tour of their favorite cafes and eateries, and virtually taste-test everything they have to offer! Just like the mathematical constant itself, these artists’ love for pies, pastries, and more is unlimited!


Cafe Zarah – Beijing, China

The perfect blend of local cuisine and European brunch selections, Cafe Zarah is a Beijing favorite! Grab a piece of homemade cake and choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted coffees and teas and take a look at the art gallery or longue area while you’re at it. Frequented by Birdstriking, SHAO, and Nova Heart, the cafe offers a breathtaking courtyard view and a picturesque terrace to take it all in while you enjoy your beverage and treat!

Recommended by Birdstriking SHAO, and Nova Heart in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


The Pocket – Belfast, Northern Ireland

This classic café is home to many cultural and community events, as well as carefully curated menu of specialty brunch and beverage selections. A can’t miss for Alana Henderson, their delectable cakes and treats are all made in-house daily.

Recommended by Alana Henderson in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


La Clandestina – Cadiz, Spain

Along with mountains of books to get lost in, La Clanestina offers a selection of organic drinks and pastries and an eclectic atmosphere to enjoy. Check out this Spanish spot for a taste of some alternative press and a hand-selected playlist to fit the vibe. Blanco White swears the carrot cake is to die for!

Recommended by Blanco White in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


Alfred Coffee – Los Angeles, California

An LA staple with multiple locations across the city, Alfred Coffee is a can’t-miss if you’re in the market for hand-crafted drinks and killer customer service. On the pastry end, Alfred’s offers a variety of delicious cookies, cakes, scones, muffins, and more! Shana Halligan recommends the macchiato in a chocolate-dipped wafer cone espresso cup – let your nervous system activate!

Recommended by Morgxn and Shana Halligan in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


 Panadería Rosetta – Mexico City, Mexico

For a generous helping of Mexican classics, head to Panadería Rosetta! The bakery is so popular that Chef Elena had to open a second location to satisfy the city-wide cravings for her in-house pulque bread, guava danishes, chocolate-vanilla conchas, and more delectable eats. Rey Pila and others can’t get enough!

Recommended by Rey Pila in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream – New York City, New York

A favorite of Prelow, this ice cream/pastry/coffee combo shop can be found at multiple spots across the city. Head to any of NYC’s locations for a chilly yet comfortable atmosphere and some sweet selections of all sorts!

Recommended by Prelow in COLLiDE Travel with Purpose


 Angelina – Paris, France

Would it really be a Pi Day guide without the pastry capital of the world present and accounted for? Established in 1903, this legendary tea room offers an irresistible menu of coffees, croissants, and more! CLARA-NOVA recommends the Mont Blanc, and she promises it’s worth the wait!

Recommended by CLARA-NOVA in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


Mellqvist Kaffebar – Stockholm, Sweden

For a taste of Swedish cuisine and coffee, head to Mellqvist Kaffebar in Stockholm! A favorite of Grizfolk, check out this café for a great family vibe and some homemade bakery selections!

Recommended by Grizfolk in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose