TRAVEL: Happy Victoria Day! Some of the best spots around Canada.
ben stevenson

Happy Victoria Day! Initially set in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday, Victoria Day has modernised over the years to be a day set to celebrate Canada’s sovereignty. We here at COLLiDE wanted to take this day to check out some Candian spots that come recommended by some of your favorite bands and artists. 


Smalls Coffee: Hamilton, Ontario 

A pint-sized coffee shop serving up hand-made orders to the people of Hamilton. “Small’s Coffee because they are literally very small and only focus on making great coffee, and they are great people. I usually drink an americano with milk and honey.” — The Trews


Recommended by The Trews


The Mutt: Toronto, Ontario 

Known amongst locals for their burgers and bar classics, The Mutt is a great spot to end a day on. Whether you’re hunkering down for a big game or looking for a spot to sit down with some good friends, The Mutt is the spot you’re looking for. 


Recommended by Sun K


Cheese Boutique: Toronto, Ontario 

Open since 1970, The Cheese Boutique located on Ripley Avenue just off South Kingsway. It has been passed down through three generations and has continued to provide a wide range of gourmet ingredients for Toronto chefs such as foie gras, prosciutto, truffles and, of course, cheese.


Recommended by Ben Stevenson 


Rod, Gun & Barbers: Toronto, Ontario

How many places can you get a drink, a shave, and a haircut in the same building? A truly unique spot aiming to achieve that ideal “Gentlemen” nature sought after by so many. If you’re in need of any of those three things, you should check out this spot for the experience alone.


Recommended by Sun K 


The Brain: Hamilton, Ontario 

“The Brain for it’s unique dive bar charm and excellent selection of craft beers. I’d most likely order a locally brewed beer like Blue Collar Ale by the Hamilton Brewery.” — The Trews


Recommended by The Trews 


The Fountain: Toronto, Ontario 

Some have described The Fountain as an art gallery with a liquor license. All the walls proudly display tons of local artists and their work and the drinks seem to fall into second place. That being said, if you’re looking for a drink, they can still help you out! 


Recommended by Ben Stevenson