TRAVEL: Five Pizza Spots For You To Check Out!

Pizza: The great equalizer. Who doesn’t love pizza? Whether it’s a greasy thin New York slice or the famous deep dish pizza of Chicago, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love it. Here are some pizza spots across the country that are coming to you recommended by some of your favorite bands and artists.  


Giordano’s: Chicago, IL 

Ask any Chicago native about pizza and it wont be long before they bring up Giordano’s. A true landmark of the Chicago area, Giordano’s has been serving up deep-dish since 1974. Now having expanded to several other states, Giordano’s is synonymous with pizza itself.

Recommended by The Cool Kids


Monster Pizza: Seoul, SK 

Pizza is Italian but truly it’s universal. That thought is exemplified by this Seoul spot that  offers up some traditional New York style pizza giving a glimpse of Brooklyn inside Seoul. If you’re on a trip across the Pacific and missing a bite of home, be sure to check out this spot. 


Recommended by Blood Wine or Honey and Love X Stereo 


Motorino’s: Brooklyn, NY

To some, New York pizza is the ultimate pizza. Available nearly everywhere you look, New York has never shied away from its proud pizza heritage. Motorino’s is a great example of a classic, always reliable, neighborhood pizzeria. 


Recommended by Albert Hammond Jr.


Lazy Moon Pizza: Orlando, FL

Focusing on some creative toppings, Lazy Moon brings a fun twist to the possibilities of pizza. Lazy Moon is a fun-loving pizza, beer, and game spot all in one. We’re all looking forward to some summer weather and Lazy Moon would be a great spot for a great day. 


Recommended by You Blew It and Laney Jones


Pie Hole: Denver, CO 

A true no-nonsense pizza spot in one of the best hubs of the midwest. Dishing out classic, gourmet pizzas with some build-your-own options allowing people to splurge on their own pizza fantasies. Take one look at the menu and you’ll start planning your trip. 


Recommended by Awolnation


Look, we just love pizza. Odds are you probably do too. If you find yourself near any of these spots, make sure you swing by and check them out!