TRAVEL: Five Great Art Museums For You To Check Out!

Art museums are some of the most unique spots you could ever visit. They are filled to the ceiling with history, culture, and timelessness. They can bring together pieces and people from all over the world into a single room to be appreciated. When you’re traveling,  museums are some of the most meaningful places you can visit as they give a unique opportunity to see something that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. There are tons of museums all over the world and picking out which ones to visit can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we put together some spots that are recommended by some of your favorite bands and artists! 


The Broad: Los Angeles, CA

Offering free admission to its permanent collection, The Broad is a unique contemporary museum located in downtown Los Angeles. It’s hard to miss with its honeycomb-esque exterior in the middle of South Grand Ave. “The BROAD is my favorite museum because they did Soul of a nation: Art in the Age of Black Power and I saw Kelsey Lu perform there and it was enchanting….” – Tolliver


Recommended by Tolliver 


Tokyo Opera City Gallery: Tokyo, Japan 

Japan is a country with a rich history of art and this gallery looks to continue that. Hosting a rotating collection of modern exhibitions, the Tokyo Opera City Gallery is a great blend of traditional museum conduct with a modern emphasis. “The Tokyo Opera City Gallery tends to host a lot of modern art exhibitions that I really like, though technically not a museum. Their recent Masaya Chiba exhibit was pretty spectacular and their Tom Sachs exhibit from 2019 was critically acclaimed as well.” – Ren Stern


Recommended by Ren Stern


The Getty: Los Angeles, CA

Broken into two campuses, The Getty is one of Los Angeles’ most iconic museums. The Getty is well known for its architecture, gardens, and vast views overlooking the city. “The Getty is my favorite museum. It’s like entering heaven when you stroll up that white tile floor. Plus the tram ride in the fog is romantic. Once the post-Covid world opens up I’ll be stoked to see what exhibits pop up.” – Alicia Blue


Recommended by Alicia Blue


Philadelphia Art Museum: Philadelphia, PA 

By no means a hidden gem, the Philadelphia Art Museum is as good as advertised. Housing some of the most famous paintings of the last 100 years, it’s grown into a must-see for museum enthusiasts. “Our favorite museum is the Philadelphia Art Museum. Pretty classic obvious answer, but it is amazing and massive. They get interesting temporary exhibits and they are the home to many classics (Van Gogh, Picasso). They also have free entry on Wednesday nights.” – Tigers Jaw.


Recommended by Tigers Jaw


Norton Simon Museum: Pasadena, CA

“One of our favorite museums is The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena has one of the most incredible art collections your will ever see. It’s a smaller space than some of the other big name art museums but its more dense. You’ll see a very high concentration of incredible works in just a couple of hours. Check out their modern art exhibit and the beautifully landscaped garden out back with the pond. The exhibits are constantly changing so every time you go its a little different.” – Livingmore


Recommended by Livingmore 


No matter where you are, be sure to keep these spots on your mind! If you find yourself near one, be sure to add it to your list of things to check out!