TRAVEL: Celebrate Black History Month With These Businesses

As Black History Month comes to a close, we’re taking a look back through our city guides to highlight a few of our favorite black-owned and operated businesses as recommended by their hometown artists. 


Dovecote Cafe, Baltimore, MD: 

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Since its opening, Dovecote has been exemplary of what a business can do when it turns its sights on to its community. Through its “CommUNITY First” program, Dovecote has been able to use its network to promote and enable various artists, makers, and creatives from its community, creating a uniquely selfless social space for residents of Baltimore. Dovecote has been highlighted numerous times by various outlets of local media, but its highest praise comes from members of the community it supports. Dovecote serves a model of awareness and service that extends so much further than just providing a product. As Dovecote says themselves, “Community first, coffee second.” 


Recommended by Letita VanSant


Harold’s, Chicago, IL:

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Opening originally in 1950, Harold’s has grown to be one of the most iconic restaurants in all of Chicago. Since its opening and 70 plus years of operation, Harold’s has firmly cemented itself has a part of Chicago culture, almost becoming a common touchstone for all Chicago natives. Similarly, Harold’s has grabbed the attention of many artists throughout years, even getting name dropped by giants such as Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar. Harold’s evolution from local Chicago eatery to state-wide, even national reference is a journey paralleled by few restaurants across the country and one that makes Harold’s a must-visit if you’re in Chicago.


Recommended by Ajani Jones


Bertha’s Kitchen, Charleston, SC: 

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Located not far from East Bay Street in Charleston, Bertha’s Kitchen has established itself as the number one spot for comfort food in Charleston. Stripping away many of the formalities of a restaurant, Bertha’s Kitchen offers barebones presentation while putting all attention on their food. Bertha’s has become a favorite of the Charleston community and offers a welcoming, loving atmosphere to all who come! 


Recommended by Sondor Blue


My Two Cents, Los Angeles, CA:

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Owner and operator, Chef Alisa Reynolds, has had a unique journey in the restaurant industry. If getting shoutouts from Solange and Ava DuVernay wasn’t enough, Reynolds was also invited to cook for the Obama family during the second term of their administration. My Two Cents takes pride in serving organic, Southern-inspired soul food and, throughout their years of operation, have acquired quite the following in the Los Angeles scene. If you want our two cents, check out My Two Cents. 


Recommended by BIIANCO


Mary Mac’s Tea House, Atlanta, GA:

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Despite seeing a small temporary closure in March, Mary Mac’s has resumed business and continues to be a Midtown Atlanta classic. Serving made-from-scratch southern classics, Mary Mac’s prides itself on tradition and hospitality. For those in the surrounding area, Mary Mac’s is an Atlanta classic that locals are happy to see come back.


Recommended by Larkin Poe


If you’re ever in one of these three cities, they come with COLLiDE’s full recommendation. Be sure the check them out and give them your support! Supporting these restaurants extends further than just typically supporting a business.