Let your favorite bands and artists take you around the UK’s essential destinations!


From gritty punk to glossy new-wave, from classic rock to modern drill rap, some of the most prolific movements in music history have come from across the pond. To this day, British artists are bringing the hits to the U.S. airwaves, but when they’re not in the studio working on new tunes, they’re hitting their favorite bars, cafes, shops, and outdoor spaces around their cities.

Ever wanted to take a tour around London or Liverpool but didn’t know where to start? Let the areas’ experts be your guides! These are of some of the UK’s can’t-miss spots, curated by the Brits who know them best!


  1. Lion Coffee + Records

If there’s one thing musicians love, it’s record stores. If there’s another thing musicians love, it’s coffee shops. Lion Coffee + Records, then, is a musician’s paradise, offering the best of both worlds. A favorite of Circa Waves, the London store has an impressive collection of vinyl for your browsing pleasure, baristas ready with hand-crafted beverages, and chill vibes all around.

Recommended by Circa Waves in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


  1. Paper Dress Vintage

Alternative clothing shop by day, bar and venue by night, this Hackney-based business has it all. It’s open for shopping as well as COVID-safe shows, and if you’re looking to dress like China Bears, this is the place to go!

Recommended by China Bears in Hard Rock Area Guides


  1. Liverpool Cathedral

Ready for some sightseeing? Head to Liverpool Cathedral to take in one of the city’s most impressive architectural accomplishments! The building is currently closed, but the outside view is still spectacular. Who knows – maybe you’ll learn to sing “like an angel” à la BANNERS while you’re there!

Recommended by BANNERS in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


  1. Cafe Z Bar

For a premiere eating experience in East London, check out Cafe Z Bar in Stoke Newington! Flawes swears they have the best breakfast in town and a never-ending menu to satisfy any craving!

Recommended by Flawes in Hard Rock Area Guides


  1. Crystal Palace Park

In London, there’s no shortage of spots to enjoy the great outdoors! Start with Crystal Palace Park for your outdoor excursion, where you’ll take in a historic theater, a scenic lake, and a wonderfully weird group of dinosaur sculptures. Fun fact: This is where Million Miles filmed their music video for “Can’t Get Around a Broken Heart.”

Recommended by Million Miles in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose


  1. Williamson Tunnels

Some cities have a vibrant underground scene, but Liverpool takes it literally. Look no further than the Williamson Tunnels, a network of underground pathways created in the early 1800s! BANNERS insists that they’re well worth the trip.

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  1. The Old Blue Last

If you’re looking for a nightcap, check out The Old Blue Last! Operated by Vice, this London bar is, in the words of Circa Waves, “a true rock and roll pub.” The Old Blue Last is where many London up-and-comers got their start, and though performances currently aren’t taking place, you can still grab a pint to-go to wrap up your day in the UK.

Recommended by Circa Waves in COLLiDE Travel With Purpose