TRAVEL: An Explorer’s Guide To Charleston

Full of history, sights, and a unique regional food scene, Charleston is praised as one of America’s most underrated cities. If you’re looking for a place to start, or an afternoon out on the town, here are some artist recommended spots for you to check out! 


Second State Coffee 

Above anything else, coffee. If you’re exploring a city, you’d be foolish to pass up a chance to grab a nicely made cup of coffee for the beginning of your journey. Second State is a favorite for locals – including Sondor Blue! “Drip over coffee is the beverage of choice. Best coffee in Charleston! It’s where we do a great deal of work for the band.”

Recommended by Sondor Blue 


King Street 

You’ve got your coffee, you’ve gotten lucky with the weather, so go make the most out of it! King Street, known largely for its wide selection of shopping, is one of the most visually unique streets in the state, lined almost entirely with beautiful buildings. If you wanna stretch your legs, there’s no better street to walk than King Street. We recommend checking out Blue Bicycle Books and Croghan’s Jewelry Box. 

Recommended by NEEDTOBREATHE


The Obstinate Daughter 

Lunch time! Charleston is host to many unique restaurants across the city, a collection to which The Obstinate Daughter is no exception. A growing Charleston staple with a truly eclectic, sustainably focused menu. Checking out this place while exploring Charleston is a must for anybody looking for a unique meal. 

Recommended by SUSTO


Monster Music & Movies 

Hosting a collection of new, old, and unique records, Monster Music & Movies is a music collector hot-spot in Charleston. If you’re looking to expand your collection, be sure to check out this shop! 

Recommended by SUSTO 


The Battery 

One of the older attractions in Charleston, The Battery is an old civil war coastal defense sight that now stands surrounded by beautiful period homes. The Battery is a must-see for history buffs and sight-seers alike! 

Recommended by Carolina Liar


Bridge To Nowhere 

To end it off, think about visiting what is perhaps the weirdest spot in Charleston – The Bridge To Nowhere. What was once a plan for an new enormous development is now a paused, bankrupted relic of the city. It’s a big pedestrian bridge with some controversial history around it, leaving it well known to locals.

Recommended by Grace Joyner

If you find yourself in Charleston, make you sure you check out these spots before you leave! We bet you won’t regret it.