TRACK BY TRACK: We the Commas take us through surf rock, doo-wop, R&B influenced album “SARB”

With debut album SARB out Oct. 30, 2020, brothers Lenny, Jordy and Cam of We the Commas took a sound they’ve dubbed “surf alternative R&B” and shared it with COLLiDE, giving us access to action-packed music videos and their track-by-track commentary.

Track 1: Sherry

We wrote the song “Sherry” because we wanted to capture the feeling you get when you feel like you found the perfect romantic partner. Finding your Sherry is just an amazing feeling. Our goal was to create a song that would encompass our full vibe as a band so that people could get to know us and our range. We really wanted to make something that people from multiple generations could enjoy.

We originally recorded the demo for the song in a small studio in Studio City, CA but the track completely transformed when our producer Chris Rosa brought us over to Sphere Studios in North Hollywood. We got to record through this sick Neve board and we brought in additional musicians, live horns, and a mellotron player. Everything on the record is live.

Track 2: Custom Made

The idea for “Custom Made” came completely spontaneously and it was one of those songs that practically birthed itself. This track is a deeper dive into our sound and really gives a feel for who We the Commas are.

It’s different because we are bringing in elements from 50’s pop, R&B and classic jazz, which is a combination we don’t see much in today’s mainstream music. We’re inspired by so many different genres and our songs bring together those elements to create something that best represents us and our experiences.

Track 3: Pissed Off

“I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I changed my major four times and I felt aimless,” Lenny said. “I finally had enough, and had to get my anger out because I was tired of feeling like a failure and I felt like no one understood me.”

Jordy related to that sentiment and said, “This track is personally so important to me because as a college student, I’ve experienced many days where I felt lost, out of place, and frankly just pissed off searching for answers. This song is empowering and reminds everyone that you’re not alone in your frustration trying to find your purpose.”

Cam also said, “‘Pissed Off’ reflects a time in my life where I was really struggling to find fulfillment and happiness. I found myself trapped in a dark place that felt lonelier than ever. This song is a way to express and release all that negative energy. There is something so powerful about the rawness and vulnerability we all share in this song.”

Track 4: I Will

“I Will” is a song I was inspired to write my sophomore year of high school. I felt relationships could be somewhat difficult in high school just because I had a lot of maturing to do,” Jordy said.

“I wrote this telling my future self that I know I’ll figure it out eventually. Have I figured out relationships 100% now that I’m older? Definitely not, but what I have figured out is that no one is perfect and finding the person that loves for who you truly are, despite your imperfections is actually what makes for a ‘perfect’ relationship.”

Track 5: Too Long

Sometimes we meet a person who just sweeps you right off your feet. You find that you can’t keep that person from running through your mind all day. “Too Long” is a song that reflects the vulnerable epiphany that you have fallen in love, and also the fears that come with it.


Track 6: All the Best

“All the Best” is about feeling like you’re never going to find the right person for you, so you hold on to what could’ve been. It’s a feeling we’ve all felt before, having trouble letting go of the past.


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Photos by: Omar Guerra