Tour Report: The Americans Invade Europe
tour diary

This winter, The Americans invaded Europe, spreading their gospel of roots rock one club at a time on their campaign across the continent.

Eye witnesses from the frontlines report widespread instances of joyful movement and good vibes in the wake of the Americans’ awesome display of guitar, banjo, and upright bass mastery. Citizens embraced their liberators in the streets, jubilant to throw off the oppressive yolk of euro-pop.
But in all seriousness, LA-based rock ‘n’ rollers The Americans are having a blast on their European tour. If you’re unfamiliar with this up-and-coming four-piece, The Americans make incredibly soulful, southern-inflected American rock. Their sound is rooted in the American classic rock movement of the 1960s and 70s, drawing inspiration from groups like The Band and CSNY and bringing them into the 21st century with modern songwriting sensibilities and greater breadth of vision. These boys effortlessly slip between gruff, stomping bar rock and subdued, folksy Americana, and always maintain a level of down-home authenticity. Their debut full length album I’ll Be Yours is out now on Incandescent Records, check it out here.

photo by: Sari Thayer