To Poutine or Not to Poutine: Single Mothers Says “NO”

By their own admission, Single Mothers broke up in 2009 and have been playing shows ever since. Now they have a new album to prove it. After their breakout album Negative Qualities (2014), Our Pleasure is the band’s second full-length effort. For a defunct band they sure seem to get a lot accomplished and they like to color outside the lines while doing it.

Single Mothers has never had a concrete lineup but Drew Thomson is the glue that keeps the band together. While the former gold prospector was in between gigs (no, I’m not kidding, he WAS a gold prospector) a mutual friend called him to check out a studio that had some time open. Thompson and drummer Brandon Jagersky went to look at the place and immediately booked time for what would become Our Pleasure.

When the sessions began they didn’t have any songs or even enough band members, but that was a familiar mess and they welcomed it. After a few calls around the old neighborhood they found their newest lineup of Single Mothers and here we are. Whatever their formula or lack there of, it’s working for them. “I look at Single Mothers now more as a vessel that I’m happy to be riding in, or an apartment that people come to visit and leave little things behind in,” Thomson explains, “a couple beers or a shirt, or a poster on the wall, and those things build up and either make a home or just a pile of junk. It’s up to us to decide.”

Being on the road for 5 years lends itself to some stories and knowledge of the endless highway that is touring. We caught up with Brandon Jagersky (Drums) to get some survival tips for a life spent on the road and Single Mothers hometown of London, Ontario.

Our Pleasure is out now, grab yours via Dine Alone Records. Vinyl is already sold out. If you want some merch, hurry!

Snapchat or IG?
Ig (more intimate). 

Googlemaps or WAZE?
Never heard of that other one. 

How do you travel? ie. tour bus, van, plane ect.

Who is the tour bus DJ in the band?
Ideally whoever is driving, and thankfully most people who are really into music aren’t picky. 

What is your favorite city to play?
LA (it just gives you that feeling that you’ve made it). 

Tinder or Bumble?
Either way online dating is difficult. 

What apps do you use to record on the road?
Never tried that, usually head to the studio for that. 

Are there any cities that inspire you musically?
Welland, ON. 

Canada Tips: 

To Poutine or not to Poutine?

Best poutine in Ontario:
Honestly, probably McDonald’s. 

Best cup of coffee:
Jimmy’s coffee (in Portland). 

Favorite venue to play:
Warehouse in St. Catharines. 

Best audience in Canada:
People who like our music. 

Favorite late night haunt:
The cemetery. 

Best Canadian beer:
Innocente Charcoal Porter. 

Best thing to come out of Canada, besides Single Mothers:
Norm Macdonald. 

photo by: Ryan Jupp