Things get Sultry on Dr. Doctor’s “Smoke”
song premiere

Dr. Doctor may have titled their newest single, “Smoke,” but their intentions certainly aren’t hazy.

The song is smooth and sultry, and doesn’t hold anything back. The band, fronted by lyricist and vocalist, Ralph Torrefranca, and backed by Zack Greenwald, Drew Bruchs, Adam Newmark and Joe Liptock, draws on a mix of ambient surf rock sounds and melodic pop grooves to create a one-of-a-kind indie pop experience. The band may have been “born from heartache,” but their songs are anything but heartbreaking. Their songs are uplifting with hazy and poetic lyrics supported by driving rhythms and captivating melodies.

“Smoke,” is particularly hypnotizing. Like their past songs, the track plays off of the band’s native California roots, particularly those of the nearby surf culture. The rhythmic and relaxing reverb of the guitar transports listeners to the steady current of Malibu waves while the groovy bass-line line mirrors LA’s signature breeze. The steady undercurrent of drums helps balance out the dynamic range of Torrefranca who effortlessly jumps between the peaks and valleys of the tune.

The lush layering of the song, created by co-producers Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen from the band Gardens & Villa and sound engineer Mike Post, lets every instrument shine through.

You can catch the band at their “It’s a School Night,” Show on February 12th at Bardot in Hollywood. Listen to “Smoke,” Now: