The Shins and Tennis at Thompson’s Point In Portland, Maine

This wasn’t our first time seeing The Shins. We’ve been fans since Natalie Portman clued in Zach Braff to the wonder that is their sound. But this was our first time hearing husband and wife duo Tennis open up for James Mercer’s band. It was a match made in heaven. 

It was a wet day in Portland as Tennis sprinkled the crowd with sweet tunes. There was a shout out to a couple in the audience who apparently sailed the ocean to check out their show. 

Prior to The Shins’ set, fans had started to take cover from the rain — the stage was set under the stars. But once they heard the first notes of opener “Caring Is Creepy” umbrellas and raincoats flocked to Mercer. 

If you braved the rain until the end (because it did not let up), it was worth it. Mercer treated the crowd to encore “New Slang.” 

Click the gallery for photos of The Shins and Tennis. 

photo by: Shaun Regan