The Delta Riggs Are Like No Band You’ve Seen Before

Galactic space rockers The Delta Riggs recently touched down in the Gold Coast for a string of stops along their North American summer tour. The Melbourne rockers’ psychedelic, cosmic rock ‘n roll anthems transport listeners to far off lands and portals through other dimensions.

The Delta Riggs latest record, Active Galactic feels like something you’d dance to in Saturday Night Fever. Groovy, disco beats slither their way through the record, while front-man Elliott Hammond delivers his signature rich, raspy vocals that dip, howl, screech and wail, with unparalleled magnetism.

Culture Collide recently caught up with the guys at LA’s The Roxy ahead of their show with Steel Panther (the crowd was filled with men channeling Axl Rose in long wigs, eyeliner, and bandanas).

While sitting outside prior to the show, someone walked by the band and said, “That’s very Brooklyn of you, no one in LA does the stoop hang.” “We like sitting on stoops” says bassist Michael Tramonte (Monte), “He was nice, he was an actor – aren’t they all.”

So just what do The Delta Riggs like to do when they’re in LA? In addition to ‘stoop hangs’ they like visiting the Griffith Observatory. “That’s my favorite place,” says Monte. “I also stay up really late. There’s a thing in LA called ‘the pitching hour.’ It’s like the witching hour but everyone pitches their ideas at you at 2am or 3am in the morning.“

Do The Delta Riggs get the inspiration for their songs during these hours? Their creative source seems to stem from something much more otherworldly. “Have you ever heard of the Urn of Zoltran?” asks Elliott, “It’s an urn we got from a very special antique dealer. Zoltran pees in this urn and we stir it for a bit and a song just manifests. So that’s how we do it, but every band is different.”

The Delta Riggs are different all right, and not just for their creative interview answers. The band members approach life with an unbridled enthusiasm and out-of-the-box perspective that transfers into everything they do – and drives the sound of their music.

When not touring or recording the guys spend their time pursuing other interests. Guitarist Jesse Pattinson makes model planes and trains, “I used to do it with my dad and have kept on the tradition.”

Elliot is learning how to build cars, Monte rides motorbikes, and drummer and guitarist Alex Markwell (Rudy), is an elite synchronized swimmer. “He’s got long limbs, you need to be dainty,” says Monte. “He started out in Hong Kong in the under thirteen swimming squad.”

Have you ever heard of a synchronized swimmer turned rock star? As The Delta Riggs sing on their single “Never Seen This Before,” life is full of unexpected surprises, both the good and the bad. You just need to roll with the punches – whether it’s conversations with strangers on stoops, to adventures in Hollywood, to traveling the world in a cosmic disco rock band.

One thing they would like to see? “I’ve never seen a dog chewing gum,” says Monte.

This sounds like a gif waiting to happen. Or the makings of a new song.

The Delta Riggs’ Active Galactic is available everywhere now. See The Delta Riggs in Los Angeles tonight (July 18) at Resident and July 20th at San Diego’s Soda Bar.

photo by: The James Adams