The Chemical Brothers at the Bill Graham Civic Center

Anyone that’s seen The Chemical Brothers over the last 20 years or so knows Tom and Ed don’t put on a concert, they put on a spectacle.

With floor to ceiling visuals, a barrage of light and subsonic bass, their performances overwhelm the senses. As originators of the big beat sound, they treated the audience to huge build-ups and massive breakdowns but avoided feeling like the one trick pony DJ’s that have flooded the scene since their arrival.

The setlist flowed and the breaks seemed earned not calculated. Tom and Ed were smiling from start to finish clearly enjoying it as much as the crowd. You’d think by now this would get old to them but apparently not. How could they not enjoy a stage full of toys like that at their disposal?

Sure, the old schoolers came out for the evening trying to relive their glory days but unlike some of their followers, the Chemical Brothers have evolved. While many of their peers have faded away or went stale, the Chems have reached both forward and backward dusting off older bangers while showing they haven’t lost their touch with tracks off their new album, “No Geography.”

While the Chems of yore often relied on big-name guest vocalists, their latest takes a more low key approach and relies more on their patented creation of unique sounds that are both familiar and otherworldly at the same time. Twenty years on they show no signs of slowing down. At this rate, they’ll still be churning out block rocking beats to fans who won’t be able to get up and dance to the beat.

No Geography is out now.

photo by: David Iskra