Chillin’ Out Maxin’ Relaxin’ All Cool: Tennis’ Leisure Guide to Denver
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Denver natives and noted sailing aficionados, Tennis, is comprised of husband and wife duo, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. The indie rockers recently released their fourth full length record, Yours Conditionally, and are currently on tour. Alaina gives us the lowdown on the duo’s home base, from the best way to spend a lazy Saturday to epic biking adventures. 

Best outdoor activity
We do a lot of road biking. Once for our anniversary we biked Independence Pass because Patrick tricked me into thinking it would be easy. It was painful and totally beyond my fitness level, but when we summited the pass and started our long downhill ride into Aspen it solidified itself as the most glorious experience ever.

Favorite drinking game
Take a shot every time Donald Trump makes a fallacious argument.

Best way to unwind in the city on Friday afternoon
We like to go to quieter bars like: Bar Fausto or The Overland.

Favorite camping Spot & camping essentials
I hate camping but Patrick loves it. It is the single greatest rift in our relationship.

Favorite sporting event in the city
Even though our band name is Tennis we actually hate sports. Patrick goes to the Denver Skatepark at least once a week but I’m not sure if that counts as a sport.

Best way to spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon
Grilling at Sloan Lake is a pretty great time. Ping Pong at ACE is also a favorite.

Best season in Denver
Fall is so trendy right now. I prefer the heat of summer.

Best place for day drinking
I try not to day drink because I get depressed. So, grab a 6pack of O’doul’s and pretend you don’t have a gluten intolerance.

Favorite festival in Denver
The Colorado Renaissance Festival. Do it.

Best bar/drink of choice
Best bar Pon Pon. Our favorite drinks are made with Tequila and Pon Pon makes the best tequila drinks.

Best restaurant
Our favorite place is Duo in the highlands. The food is simple and exquisite and it’s quiet enough to have a non-shouty conversation.

Best record shop
Black and Read or Twist & Shout.

Underrated landmark
The Museum of Contemporary Art is an incredible building that I really enjoy spending time in. It’s well known but not as popular as I think it should be. Also RedLine art gallery.

Best late night haunt
1UP / 2UP is a vintage arcade with a bar.

Favorite music venue
The Hi Dive and Larimer Lounge will always be our most beloved venues for totally nostalgic reasons.

Favorite neighborhood & why
Denver has grown so much I couldn’t honestly say. I went on a long bike ride yesterday and discovered a whole area I had literally never seen before north of Denver. RiNo and Globeville probably qualify as the most up and coming neighborhoods.

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photo by: Luca Venter; courtesy of Visit Denver