Teen Ravine Deliver the Ultimate Sad Slow-Jam on “Bad Dream”
song premiere

Broken hearts, hazy nights, ‘80s slow jams — these are the things that come to mind when listening to Teen Ravine’s latest single, “Bad Dream.”

Upon first listen, it hits you like a Sade tune in the middle of a breakup. Languidly capturing feelings of isolation, it pulls you in so that by the end of it, there’s a warm and utterly welcome feeling of being enveloped. Despite the subject matter, there’s something comforting in the kind of sad song that “Bad Dream” is. Teen Ravine reminds us that basking in the gloom can feel just as good as getting over it. Production-wise, the track is a more minimalist take on peak ’80s angst —  less dramatic flair but all of the feeling is there. The duo notes:

“‘Bad Dream’ is about seeking comfort and pleasure in sadness…flirting with a familiar ghost, then watching it eat your leftovers and overstay its welcome.”

“Bad Dream” is off the band’s recent self titled debut. Listen to the track below:   

photo by: courtesy of the artist; Jin Guan KOH/Flickr