Tedy releases “Stuck” song & video

Breaking the chains that bind him, Tedy drops an explosive new song 

Born in Haiti, the rising star found himself in different cities before settling in Montreal where he now lives. He began his journey in entertainment on Youtube, garnering a huge community of 1M+ subscribers with his hilarious reaction videos. Though he enjoyed making videos, he desired to express himself in new ways. His passion was music. Tedy always knew he wanted to connect with people. Drawing on the sounds and melodies he heard in his head from the music he’d been listening to all his life, he cultivated his distinct musical style.

Though its central themes deal with sadness, depression and self-destruction, it underscores that despite whatever traumatic situation we have experienced, we need to accept the good and the dark side of ourselves in order to move forward. In Tedy’s words, “Hopefully this time, I’ll learn and it will be the last, but I’ve heard these words before.”

Watch the mesmerizing new video for “Stuck” now.

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photo by: Mathew Guido