Take a trip back to the 80s with Chain Wallet’s new “Ride”
video premiere

Norwegian dream-pop band Chain Wallet just released their new single “Ride” with an accompanying video, off their upcoming sophomore album No Ritual.

The Chain Wallet sound features jangling guitars and swirling synths, pulling you into a psychedelic cloud. While their first album, created in their hometown of Bergen, included a more psych-pop feeling with songs like “Faded Fight” and “Stuck In The Fall,” reminiscent of The Jesus & Mary Chain or Johnny Marr, the new single “Ride” features a more indie-rock vibe, and if the new tune is a preview, we can expect a lot more of this on the new album. From the band:

“’Ride’ was the first track we made for our upcoming album. We wanted it to sound like indie rock written by a British Bruce Springsteen. Thematically, the song evokes elements of “the drifter on a cool bike” trope. It’s about riding away from something, not realizing that you can’t outride your own demons.”

Playing an important role in the band’s new sound is Chiara Cavallari of the psychedelic band FOAMMM. “We had been wanting to collaborate with Chiara for a long time, and her ethereal presence is fortunately scattered all over the album,” the guys say. Visually, the DIY aesthetic transports viewers right back to the 80s, evoking a lofi Euro vibe throughout. The band says, 

“To be honest, the idea for this video would be too complex to capture with the technology we had at hand (a VHS camera and iMovie). We adjusted the artistic vision, and went for a literal interpretation of the title. This is why the video ended up being a neat collection of shots of the band riding different means of transportation, juxtaposed with shots in static environments.”

The band’s sophomore album No Ritual is set to be released in February, 2019. Check out the video below.

photo by: Øyvind Halsøy; Marketa/Flickr