Swear Tapes Takes Us Along for a Wild Ride in “Right Now”
video premiere

The only thing convincing me that Swear Tape’s latest track isn’t early Beatles era pop, is the absence of a mop top, and the post punk production.

Taking cues from ‘60s art films, the video for “Right Now” follows the unintentional kidnapping of a dead beat, who — let’s face it — needed a wake-up call anyway. The femme fatale running the show drags him along on a slew of robberies and other mundane activities until arriving  at her presumed hideout. After a bit of Stockholm Syndrome antics and some dancing around a fire, things take a turn. I won’t give away the details, but let’s just say it’s no Steve McQueen jailbreak. Sonically, the upbeat folk punk vibe lends itself well to a narrative structure, making the video feel more like a cut from a movie than an abstract scene. It’s a wild ride, cheeky, and loads of fun, so be sure to watch till the end.

Watch the video below and be sure to catch Swear Tapes on tour through August. Tour dates below: 

photo by: courtesy of the artist