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Summer Salt

Garnering over 1 million monthly listeners with 50 million Spotify streams, Summer Salt has cultivated a dedicated fanbase with endless summer vibes.

Their most recent single, “Honeyweed” features delicate guitars and breezy vocals atop sun-soaked melodies. Celebrating summer, this 1960s pop-inspired feel-good single glows on a warm sunny day. Summer Salt crafts a unique style of dreamy ocean music that you can’t get out of your head.

This latest single is off their EP also entitled Honeyweed. The six-track release showcases jangly guitars, dreamy melodies and warm vocals. The EP represents a little glimpse of hope, detailing life’s curveballs and how they appear when you need them the most.

We caught up with the band to talk band name, the inspiration behind their distinctive sound and more.

Culture COLLiDE: Hey Summer Salt! First things first – your band name. Is there a special meaning behind that name?

Summer Salt: Who doesn’t love a good pun. Favorite season and seasoning! Honestly, the name was made when we were in high school and so the meaning is kinda lost, though when we started we made lots of songs based on goofy puns. The style and essence of the band just seemed to fit the name as we continued as a band throughout the years. The sound we are trying to create, the vibe just seem to fit the name. Summer Salt being our labor of love, “been making summer salt” kinda Also always thought of it as sweat haha.

CC: I understand your latest single “Honeyweed” represents a glimmer of hope within the unexpected. Can you explain more about this concept and how you developed the track?

SS: It kind of turned into a term of endearment for me (Matt) as when I wrote the song I kept saying the phrase as an alternate to honey bee. It sounds like an unconventional love, something unexpected and growing wild and in strangest of places, small and puny like a weed, but adored and hoped to grow into something big. For me, it’s about a love but I think it can mean many things that bring hope and brightness when you feel that somethings lost.

CC: Your music has a wistful beachy quality, reminiscent of the Beach Boys. Tell me what inspired your Polynesianesque sound and who are some of your biggest influences?

SS: Vocals, everything vocals. Songwriting being more about the melody making, melody life! Playing around with vocals early on in demo recordings really brought to light the infinite possibilities to do cool and unique things with what I feel is one of the most controlled vibrant instruments, the human voice. Added with layers of guitar drums and bass, of course, it’s lots of fun to get lost in. So yes Brian Wilson was definitely an inspiration for harmonies and composition as well as working on my (Matt) falsetto. Of course, though there are many artists that I love which make this inspiring for me. Paul Simon, Donovan, rubber soul, lots of oldies songwriter melody makers. Samba Esquema Novo was an extremely inspiring album in my vocal style.

CC: Lastly, what’s next for Summer Salt?

SS: We would like to start recording our next full length and writing and diving into the creation of that album, as well as a fall tour in Asia!

Summer Salt 2019 Summer Tour Dates
8.16 – House of Blues – San Diego, CA
8.17 – Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ
8.18 – Lowbrow Palace – El Paso, TX

photo by: Kerrington Cai