Staff Picks: What We’re Into this Week 8/3/18
staff picks

Alan Miller – Founder and “Portland Pickles #1 Fan”
recommends: James – Living in Extraordinary Times. [Check out our recent interview with lead singer Tim Booth].

Monique Gilbert – Business Dev/Project Manager and “Celebrating the Larry David in all of us”
recommends: Dehd

“They’re contributors to our Travel With Purpose: Chicago guide and performing at our party on Thursday.  I think that Jason and Emily are two of the most creative people around!”

Molly Kodros – Project Manager and “resident bowler and karaoke extraordinaire”
recommends: Manny Machado

“The Dodgers’ new two time Golden Glove winner and very dreamy Shortstop.”

Megan “McCredes” McCredie – Project Manager
recommends: Pose and My House

“I’ve always been obsessed with learning about the 1980’s NY ballroom scene… Thankfully, there are two great series out right now on it! For all you “Paris is Burning” lovers, the FX series, “Pose,” (which is also set in NY in the 1980’s) is a must see! “My House” (on Viceland) focuses on the ballroom culture in current times and follows the life of real dancers (and their houses) in NY. Enjoy, my little voguers :)”

Maria Sauer – Business Development/Project Manager and “Yuko Kitchen Extraordinaire”
recommends: Greece

“Still reeling from the beautiful Greek Island i just visited, Sifnos, a part of The Cyclades islands…dreamy.”

Wes Martin – Marketing and “is not watching Pawn Stars right now, he promises”
recommends: Phosphorescent – “New Birth in New England”

“It’s been 5 years since Phosphorescent’s last album, Muchacho, came out (a stone cold classic in my mind). So, it was quite a nice surprise to wake up on Monday morning to some new tunes, an announcement of a new album – C’est La Vie (out 10/5 on Dead Oceans), and a tour. What’s not to love here?”

Gigie Hall – Editorial Director and Resident Outdoors Lover
recommends: “Let My People Go Surfing” by Yvon Chouinard

“This has long been a go-to for fans of Patagonia, but it’s a serious must for anyone interested in radical business practices, environmental justice and following your dreams. Practical, and written in Chouinard’s surly style, it’s a quick read with a lot of meat.”