Staff Picks: What We’re Into This Week (2/14)
What We're Into
The COLLiDE team consumes all things culture at a high velocity. Each week we’ll be sharing What We’re Into from music, books, film, and travel destinations to bars, restaurants, products and more. Scroll down to discover what we’re into this week, and get in on what’s good.

Alan Miller – Founder and “Portland Pickles #1 fan”
recommends: Greg Laswell “What Do I Know”

Monique Gilbert – VP Account Management and “Celebrating the Larry David in all of us”
recommends: Bando 
and Headspace
“I love a brand/shop that celebrates happy and founder Jen Gotch has one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow!
Headspace because we’re one month out from SXSW.  No explanation needed.”

Image source: Headspace

Gigie Hall – Editorial Director and “resident outdoor dirtbag”
recommends:  Many Moons Workbook by Modern Women (Sarah Gottesdiener)

“So I’ve always kept a journal here and there, from the time I was 7 to today (those late 90s writings are so cringe worthy but precious to me). And while journaling is super valuable in a million different ways, Many Moons takes that practice a step further.

It’s a spiritual workbook of sorts that follows the phases of the moon. It contains journal prompts, rituals, spells and SO MUCH information on the cosmos, mythology, tarot and all things magical. But don’t be fooled by the descriptors I just used. This is a no bullshit way to work on oneself, see dreams become realities and work through the tough stuff that blocks potential and healing. As it says in the title, it’s a workbook — you gotta do the work to make it work.”

Image source: Modern Women

Gillian Driscoll – Editorial Assistant and “Resident pop culture maven and Harry Styles fan”
recommends: Nicole Kidman’s Secret Talent 
and Mirai Nagasu landing the triple axel

“This video of Nicole Kidman eating “micro livestock” for Vanity Fair’s Secret Talent Theatre is completely mesmerizing. Please watch and enjoy.

Speaking of captivating, U.S. figure skater Mirai Nagasu made breathtaking history landing the triple Axel at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, making her the first female American figure skater (and one of three women total) to nail the triple axel at the Olympics.”

Robben Barquist – Intern and “Resident Dungeon Delver”
recommends:  “Pantherman” by Pantherman

“Current Obsession: “Pantherman” 1974 single by cult Dutch glam rockers Pantherman!

I am your Pantherman

I am your Pantherman

I’ll show you my claws”

Leah “FLY, EAGLES, FLY” Hobbs – Artist Relations
recommends: Nick Foles of The Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles. Photo Credit: Timothy A. Clary AFP/Getty Images