Staff Picks: What We’re Into This Week
staff picks

The COLLiDE team consumes all things culture at a high velocity. Each week we’ll be sharing What We’re Into from music, books, film, and travel destinations to bars, restaurants, products and more. Scroll down to discover what we’re into this week, and get in on what’s good.

Alan Miller – Founder and “Portland Pickles #1 fan”
recommends  Low in High School by Morrissey

“Finally a new album worthy of Moz. Be sure to catch him on tour. Hopefully, it wont be too cold for him.”

Wes Martin – Marketing and “is not watching Pawn Stars right now, he promises”
recommends Songs of Praise by Shame

“This London five piece is going to own 2018, mark it down. They recently played their first ever NYC shows, and both sets left the crowd buzzing. You’ll be hearing about them. A lot. They have more swagger and attitude then any band I’ve seen in years. Their debut LP, Songs of Praise, is out January 12th on Dead Oceans. In the meantime, check out the video for ‘Concrete.'”

Leah Hobbs – Artist Relations and “plays soccer on Tuesdays”

Book: Exhilarated and Exhausted by Neal Preston
Restaurant: Republique for breakfast. Order: Walter’s Favorite.
Favorite Cyber Monday Sale: Krewe Sunglasses “St. Louis | Audubon Rose”
TV Show: Schitts Creek – Season 3.

Richard Pace – Business Development Director and “Seeker of Anything Fun”
recommends Wu-Tang Clan

“I’ve been really hitting the old school Wu-Tang collection pretty hard lately. Enter The Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang Forever and Liquid Swords by Gza to be specific.”

Monique Gilbert – Business Development and Marketing and “constantly depriving herself of mac and cheese”
recommends Cats & Plants

“Full disclosure, Stephen is a friend of mine. But I am also a huge fan of his art and would be even if I didn’t know him. Known and loved for his foliage collage work, the cat collages started out kind of as a joke, but people loved them, and Zioxla put out a book called Cats & Plants. I’m obsessed with it. The publisher has run out (bonus: they donated a can of cat food to charity for every book sold), but you can still find some copies at, Individual Medley in LA, Asrai Garden in Chicago, and other unique boutique gift shops. I bought a handful for holiday gifts for friends. Also check out these stand ups! how fun are these???”

Gigie Hall – Editorial Director and “resident outdoor dirtbag”
recommends Best Made Company

“As someone who appreciates handcrafted outdoor gear way out of my price range, I got pretty excited about Best Made Co opening up a west coast location on La Brea. They sell their signature axes, but also have an in-store archery range and workshops that include cast iron-restoration and blade-sharpening lessons. Nuff said.”

Molly Kodros – Project Manager and “resident bowler and karaoke extraordinaire”
recommends One Minute Italian

“I’ve been learning very basic Italian on my commute to work.”

Robben Barquist – Intern and  “Resident Dungeon Delver”
recommends Speaking Volumes

“I found this great record store while I was in Burlington, VT, it’s called Speaking Volumes.”

Megan “What it Doooo” McCredie – Project Manager

Band: Yellow Days
Book: Meet Me In the Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman
Show: Schitt’s Creek

Gabrielle Costa – Social Media Manager and “Resident Vibe Manager”
recommends “Sportsmen” by Haruomi Hosono

“Haruomi Hosono is a prolific musician and producer from Japan, perhaps best known for his involvement in the electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra. His repertoire is vast (22 albums, and that’s without including soundtracks, collaborations, and producer credits), but ‘Sportsmen’ remains one of my favorite discoveries so far and is the track that I keep returning to. The melody is seemingly upbeat and poppy, but don’t be fooled; the lyrics give way to something far more introspective and anguish-ridden, but even through the difficult times, we can still dance.”

Gillian Driscoll – Editorial Assistant and “Resident pop culture maven and Harry Styles fan”
recommends Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You Tour

“Because it’s officially the holiday season, and what’s Christmas without Mariah.”


photo by: Gigie Hall; courtesy of Cats & Plants; courtesy of Best Made Co