Staff Picks: What We’re Into This Week (2/7)
What We're Into
The COLLiDE team consumes all things culture at a high velocity. Each week we’ll be sharing What We’re Into from music, books, film, and travel destinations to bars, restaurants, products and more. Scroll down to discover what we’re into this week, and get in on what’s good.

Leah “FLY, EAGLES, FLY” Hobbs – Artist Relations
recommends: The Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles. Photo Credit: Timothy A. Clary AFP/Getty Images

Wes Martin – Marketing and “is not watching Pawn Stars right now, he promises”
recommends: Hookworms – Microshift

“Hookworms are one of those bands that I’ve been following for years now, then sometimes forget about, and then they put out something awesome to remind why I started digging them in the first place. They did it again. Their latest release, Microshift, scratches all the itches that I need scratched; and that organ sound! Love it. Microshift is out now on Domino.”

Credit: Hollie Fernando

Gabrielle Costa – Social Media / Marketing and “Vibe Manager”
recommends: Heaven or Los Angeles Presents: My Bloody Valentine’s Day

“Paige Emery and Olive Kimoto (the DJ duo behind Heaven or Los Angeles, a Cocteau Twins-inspired night) are back with the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration at Resident. Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo, all are welcome to come dance to the dreamy sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins + more. Fans of puns and ethereal jams, this one is for you. 21+ | Free”

Gigie Hall– Editorial Director and “resident outdoor dirtbag”
recommends: WEIRDO NIGHT

“I’m really into Weirdo Night, which is exactly what it sounds like. All the queers and freaks of LA come out to Zebulon on Sunday nights and watch the extraordinary Dynasty Handbag lead a night of bizarro comedy and performance. Be prepared for a lot of spandex and freaky deaky dancing.”

Image via Dynasty Handbag

Gillian Driscoll – Editorial Assistant and “Resident pop culture maven and Harry Styles fan”
recommends: SWIMM – “Kim K”

“I was just having this conversation the other day about how I feel there are too many people walking around looking like clones of the Kardashians, and then here comes SWIMM with this brilliant song and video that addresses just that. ‘The video stars Orphan Black‘s Kristian Bruun and explores how Kim Kardashian’s influence has inspired an army of clones who all subscribe to one look, inadvertently losing their individuality in the process.’

Last Friday night, I also attended SWIMM’s Love You Down Fest at The Echo and it was a great lineup of local artists that attracted an awesomely diverse group of people. Performance highlights included SWIMM (who threw flowers into the crowd) and Mating Ritual. Love seeing what they come up with next.”

Tori Adams – Editorial Intern and “The Human Shazam”
recommends: Justin Timberlake’s music video for “Say Something” feat. Chris Stapleton

“While I’m not the biggest fan of JT’s latest album, Man of The Woods, I am obsessed with the 9th track titled, “Say Something.” The song features Justin’s longtime friend, Chris Stapleton, who has rocked the country music world since 2015 when he released his debut album, Traveller. The two came together in 2015 at the CMA awards to perform Justin’s song, “Drink You Away,” and Chris’s song, “Tennessee Whiskey.” Ever since that knockout performance, I have been dying to hear a collaboration between the two artists. Now I am finally getting it. The song is the perfect blend of country and pop with smooth acoustic guitar rhythms and groovy synth beats playing an equal role. The earthy harmonies created by the two artists are heavenly. Although the song was released as a single last month, this month a music video was released to help tell the story. The six minute video was shot in one long take in the beautiful Bradbury Building. The DIY approach to the video is awe-inspiring!”

Robben Barquist – Intern and “Resident Dungeon Delver”
recommends: Hermann Nitsch

“Right now I’m obsessed with this Austrian avant-garde performance artist Hermann Nitsch. This dude is nuts – he’s been directing these absurd performance art pieces called ‘Aktions’ since the 70s. Words can’t really do it justice but they entail mobs of actors dancing and writhing among animal carcasses and entrails in a primitive ritualistic freak out. Not for the faint of heart.”