Staff Picks: What We’re Into This Week (1/31)
What We're Into

The COLLiDE team consumes all things culture at a high velocity. Each week we’ll be sharing What We’re Into from music, books, film, and travel destinations to bars, restaurants, products and more. Scroll down to discover what we’re into this week, and get in on what’s good.

Alan Miller – Founder and “Portland Pickles #1 fan”
recommends:  KROQ – Kevin’s Considerations

“Love seeing what Kevin Weatherly is about to add to KROQ each week.”

Megan “Ms. Pot’s” McCredie – Project Manager
recommends:  POT Radical Pottery

“Attempting a pottery making class at Echo Park’s very own radical pottery studio, POT. ”

Courtesy of POT

Tori Adams – Editorial Intern and “The Human Shazam”
recommends: Greta Van Fleet and Hippo Campus

“The second you turn on Greta Van Fleet, you will think you time-travelled. The band sounds like Led Zeppelin reincarnated. The band may be a group of millennials (two of their members can’t even legally drink yet), but they know how rock a good blast from the past. The four part group formed in their hometown of Frankenmuth, Michigan, where they were anything but conventional. Their 207 album From The Fires is perfect for as angsty drive through LA traffic.

Another young and up and coming group I’m into, is Hippo Campus. The Minneapolis indie band has somehow found a way to perfectly embody the sounds of the beach even though their hometown is landlocked. If you like Two Door Cinema Club, you will LOVE Hippo Campus. They are vibrant, youthful and just as energized as your average can of RedBull.”

Greta Van Fleet via Facebook

Gigie Hall – Editorial Director and “resident outdoor dirtbag”
recommends:  Diversify Outdoors

“Over the last decade, there has been a major shift in media when it comes to telling a more diverse story, from the folks behind the camera, in the writing rooms, or in the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong. There’s still a hell of a long way to go and outdoor media seems especially behind in this respect. There was always an outlier here and there that would speak up, or write an op-ed for Outside mag. But now they’ve come together to create this super group of activists and influencers tackling issues of diversity in the outdoors and it’s pretty fucking inspiring.”

Courtesy Diversify Outdoors

Leah “FLY, EAGLES, FLY” Hobbs – Artist Relations

Thing: Really into it being February this week.
TV: Really into watching the E-A-G-L-E-S win the Super Bowl on Sunday.
Show: Wednesday – King Leg at The Moroccan Lounge”

Wes Martin – Marketing and “is not watching Pawn Stars right now, he promises”
recommends: Janet Jackson

“Janet just got announced to headline a night at Panorama, and you’d better believe I’m gonna be there. WHAT IF SHE PLAYS ALL OF RHYTHM NATION? WHAT IF I DIE WHILE SHE PLAYS “ESCAPADE”? IS IT POSSIBLE TO DIE OF NOSTALGIA?

Sorry for yelling.”

Molly Kodros – Project Manager and “resident bowler and karaoke extraordinaire”
recommends: Janet Jackson

“Janet Jackson headlining Panorama Fest in NYC! I missed her at the Hollywood Bowl last October and she’s on my top 5 must see artists list. See Wes Martin’s post for further explanation.”

Gabrielle Costa – Social Media / Marketing and “Vibe Manager”
recommends: Quiet Mornings: Art x Mindfulness @ MOCA

“A nice way to spend a Saturday morning.”

Courtesy of Quiet Mornings at MOCA

Gillian Driscoll – Editorial Assistant and “Resident pop culture maven and Harry Styles fan”
recommends: Saved By The Max

Courtesy of Saved By The Max

After a successful year-long run in Chicago, the Saved By The Bell diner pop-up, The Max, has finally announced it will be opening its neon L.A. doors come May 1st. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am PST, so you’ll want to make your plans now. Get ready for some serious early-’90s nostalgia while you satiate your hunger with noms like “A.C. Sliders,” and the “Kelly Kapowski Montecristo.” Dress in your most appropriate 90s attire, and be ready to dance “The Sprang.”  Go Bayside!

Monique Gilbert – VP Account Management and “Celebrating the Larry David in all of us”
recommends: THE CHI

“Produced by Lena Waithe and Common, THE CHI gives a peek into the lives of a group of characters on the South Side of Chicago. Being from Chicago, I love the setting, of course. I’m immediately attached to the characters – ultimately good people who don’t always make the best decisions. I’m hooked.”

Photo: Mathieu Young/SHOWTIME

Robben Barquist – Intern and “Resident Dungeon Delver”
recommends: Fetid and Mortiferum at Resident DTLA

“Super sick death metal show Thursday night (2/1) at Resident DTLA. Fetid and Mortiferum from Washington are on tour and they’re playing with local crushers Ensepulcher and Crematory Stench. All four bands have released fantastic debuts in the last couple years and they’re all worth tracking down. Born for Burning continue to bring the best new metal to the LA area, so get out there and support the local scene!”