STAFF PICKS: Favorite Fleet Foxes Song

In honor of the release of Fleet Foxes new album, Shore, the COLLiDE staff reflect on their favorite songs from the trailblazing and iconic folk band.

It seems like a lot of us can’t catch a break in 2020, so Fleet Foxes have decided to gift us with their new album. And surprise surprise, the release date just so happens to coincide with the first day of Fall. So bundle up, throw on your flannel (even if its still 100 degrees outside), and take a walk in the woods, while Shore caresses your ears.

In honor of celebrating one of the biggest and most inspiration indie folk bands to date, the COLLiDE recall their favorite song and why.


See our picks below!


Blue Spotted Tail: “Its because it sounds like Robin Pecknold is whisper singing directly into your ear and that’s that shit I do like.”

– Jack, Project Manager

White Winter Hymnal & Mykonos: “White Winter Hymnal is one of my favorites as well. The song is just a classic and reminds me of snow days and winter break. There’s something so soothing about the vocals.  Another favorite is Mykonos. The beginning guitar riff and choral-like vocals are instantly recognizable and relaxing. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to this song on early morning road trips. The wanderlust vibes in this song are immaculate, making me excited for the next adventure! Especially as the pandemic continues, it helps me get lost in daydreams about my next vacation destination.”

-Joslin, Contributing Editorial Writer

If You Need to, Keep Time On Me: “I spontaneously cry when that song comes on – so beautiful.”

– Monique,  VP Accounts

White Winter Hymnal & Helplessness Blues:  “It was the first Fleet Foxes song I ever heard, and has since remained an undeniable favorite. Something about it just makes me want to lay on the grass at a park and enjoy the surrounding nature. I also vividly remember the jazz choir at my high school singing it when I was a freshman, and those harmonies were beautiful. It made me appreciate the lyrical and rhythmic style of the song even more. Helplessness Blues – This song is enjoyable the same way that Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s is. It’s warm and exciting – belonging on the soundtrack of a coming of age film set in a small town. There’s also a really cool tempo change in the middle of the song that I just love.”

– Rebecca, Editorial Manager

Blue Ridge Mountains: “My favorite Fleet Foxes song is probably Blue Ridge Mountains off of their debut album. This song immediately transcends you to space with their signature god-like harmonies and then makes me feel like I’m galloping on a horse through a magical forest. Oh Fleet Foxes, masters of escapism.”

-Jayna, Project Manager Intern + Marketing Intern

If You Need to, Keep Time On Me:  “The idea of time (and wasting time) can be scary… but regardless of the length of time, the idea of being able to share it with someone else is beautiful, despite what may be happening in the world outside of that relationship”

– Taylor, Assistant Project Manager

Blue Spotted Tail & Helplessness Blues: “I don’t think there’s a Fleet Foxes song I don’t love. I love them all – especially the ones from the first two albums! It brings me back to that time in middle school/early High School discovering the world of “indie” music and their music has followed me throughout different phases in my life. If I had to choose two off the top of my head it would be “Blue Spotted Tail” and “Helplessness Blues” – “Blue Spotted Tail” is one of those songs that I don’t quite understand the meaning of (like a lot of Fleet Foxes songs – they are so deep!), but it means so much to me. I used to play this one all of the time on my ukulele at open mics back in High School. From the first strum of “Helplessness Blues”, you get his unexplainable feeling like everything is going to be okay. They really are a magical band.”

– Madeleine, Project Manager


Listen to Shore + all your FF favorites!