Staff Picks: What We’re Into This Week (1/4)
staff picks

The COLLiDE team consumes all things culture at a high velocity. Each week we’ll be sharing What We’re Into from music, books, film, and travel destinations to bars, restaurants, products and more. Scroll down to discover what we’re into this week, and get in on what’s good.

Richard Pace – Business Development Director and “Seeker of Anything Fun”
recommends: Burton Switchup Backpack and ZingZang Bloody Mary Mix

“I just grabbed this bad boy and can’t wait for my next adventure. Enough space for 2 days worth of clothes and a flip side to keep all your essentials in order. It’s convertible too so you can rock it as a messenger or a backpack. Another essential: ZingZang Bloody Mary Mix IN CANS! I’ve been a ZingZang fan for a long time now, but they have released the perfect line extension. 8.4 fl oz. cans sold in six packs! Go grab some today. These are a game changer!”

Alan Miller – Founder and “Portland Pickles #1 fan”
recommends: Dave Chapelle

“Dave Chapelle is a fucking genius. There is no better comedian performing in our age.”

Gigie Hall – Editorial Director and “resident outdoor dirtbag”
recommends: Digit 

“Like most people, I treat my finances like a disease no one wants to admit they have: deny its existence, act like everything is ok, and quietly (and with much anxiety) ignore the painful consequences of said denial. Or is that just me? But since using Digit, I can realistically save, better understand my spending habits and know how much is in my account with the simple press of an emoji. Maybe that Grand Canyon rafting trip will happen after all.”

Leah “Jeeves” hobbs – Artist Relations
recommends: Sonos Playbar,Book of the MonthDrifter’s Sympathy Podcast and EIGHTY-SIXED

“I’m into my Sonos Playbar, it’s the s***. You can link it to your other speakers around the house and sync everything up and just walk into different rooms and never skip a beat of a track. Also really into Book of the Month. You get a few options of books to choose from for $10 bucks/month. Let’s see if I can actually find time to read them. Super into Emil Amos’ (Om, Grails, Holy Sons) Drifter’s Sympathy Podcast.  Shout out to my homie in Austin by way of Penn State, Dave Simone for turning me onto it. Take a listen. Also EIGHTY-SIXED on YouTube. Larry David’s daughter makes a female millennial version of Curb.”

Megan “McCredes” McCredie – Project Manager
recommends: Journeymen and Society of the Spectacle

“Recent Los Angeles discoveries: Journeymen restaurant in Atwater Village. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant from the dudes who own Gjelina/Gjusta. Society of the Spectacle is a unique eyewear store in Highland Park that has tremendous customer service and can fulfill all your eyewear needs.”

Monique Gilbert – Business Dev/Project Manager and “Celebrating the Larry David in all of us”
recommends: Lonesome Rose

“Although I’ve lived in Chicago for half my life, I still identify as a Texan – and one thing that Chicago lacks in its diverse food scene is killer Tex Mex… until now. Lonesome Rose opened up less than a mile from my home a couple of months ago. The newest concept from Land and Sea Dept. is a bright, beautiful and cheery space (much needed when it’s a squillion below zero outside). Their drinks are amazing – you can make a meal out of Palomas and Mezcal Hot Chocolates, right? Ultimate guilty pleasure – truck stop nachos. The ceviche (guilt free) could be the best I’ve ever had. There on a weekend night? Head downstairs to the underground cocktail bar Golden Teardrops, where the drinks are boozy and delicious, the lights are dim and everyone looks great.”

photo Clayton Hauck

Gabrielle Costa – Social Media / Marketing and “Vibe Manager”
recommends: Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985

“If you’re in New York or São Paulo this year, I urge you to attend Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985. The exhibition just came to a close here in Los Angeles and featured an immense body of work from female artists who were making art during oppressive dictatorial regimes in their respective countries, and is absolutely worth seeing.”

Upcoming dates in 2018:
Brooklyn Museum, New York: April 13–July 22, 2018
Pinacoteca de São Paulo, São Paulo: August 18–November 19, 2018

Robben Barquist – Intern and  “Resident Dungeon Delver”
recommends: Xostume

“I’m really into this new industrial/darkwave duo out of LA called Xostume. They were recommended to me by the dudes at Vacation Vinyl (easily one of the city’s best record shops) so I picked up their debut tape and I’ve been blown away by it.  Dark, minimal yet dancey, and totally transgressive. Very cool stuff. Check them out on bandcamp.

Molly Kodros – Project Manager and “resident bowler and karaoke extraordinaire”
recommends: Cuco

“Hawthorne’s 19-year-old crooner is winning over the hearts of Angelenos and the world with his Chicano inspired love songs.”