St. Humain’s Guide to Sydney, Singapore, LA, and more

St. Humain, known for his vibrant, captivating electro sound, has just released his anticipated new EP EMOTIONAL SAUNA. Featuring a modern elevated electronic energy, every song shines with its authentic lyricism and stunning soulful vocals like only St. Humain can provide.

Both a songwriter and producer, he showcases an impressive musical talent that hits you deep with every note. From catchy free-flowing beats to dreamlike soundscapes, his tracks are the essence of innovative and imaginative housepop.

Singapore born and now based in Sydney, St. Humain is proud to call both places home. If you’re traveling to either city, you can live like a local with recommendations that are off the beaten path. Or if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to check out all the LA scene has to offer. From thrift shops to taco trucks, though not a native, he’s got a few favorite hotspots he frequents while visiting.

“I’ve included three locations from the three places in the world I love. Sydney, where I am right now; Singapore, where I was born and raised; Los Angeles, where my music is released from. I find home in each of these places and here are some of my spots.” – St. Humain 


Parramatta & Sydney
One of my top spots in Sydney for happy food. Fried chicken, champagne and a strong sneaker game all under one roof, with a great musical vibe. Not much can go wrong with an option for something more chill in Parramatta, or downtown if you want more hype.

O Bar
No sweatpants here (though I made it in once ’cause I looked proper up top) as it’s more of a smart casual atmosphere… Including 360° views of the city because the entire bar is on a constant rotation, making like one revolution every hour. With great drinks, of course!

Toto’s Pizzeria
Five Dock
I only discovered this pizzeria a month ago randomly and fell in love with the food. Wood-fired pizzas at a fantastic price point, handmade by Italian owners… Who are so friendly and lovely to boot. A gem of a find, don’t let their relatively quiet online presence fool ya.


Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Jalan Besar
I make a point to pay this cafe a visit every time I’m back. On top of having quality coffee and food, it’s also a playground for caffeine aficionados. I love its layout too, with it having a “coffee bar” concept. Think a pub except replace beer taps with espresso machines.

Curious Palette
The last time I was back in Singapore for a show a friend of mine  HYPERLINK “”Heue took me here and I understood why… It’s got a stunning interior with beautiful food in a quaint spot. A good refuge from the Singaporean heat as well, tucked away amidst the busyness of the city.

Dancing Crab
The Grandstand
Singapore is famous for its chilli crab and this place does it really well. You walk in, grab a seat and wear a bib (which they do provide, and which you’ll definitely need) and dig in to literally a pile of seafood on the table. Bring your mates… This is a good time with friends.


Guerilla Tacos
Los Angeles
This was an iconic food truck but now it’s a fully-fledged restaurant. The sweet potato taco is always on my order and after that my decisions pretty much depends on my mood. You can’t go too wrong here because it’s just brilliant. Might consider having them cater for my release parties, tours, wedding, birthdays, songwriting sessions, and so on…

Melrose Avenue
Okay, I lied on having only food spots because I can’t pass up the opportunity to highlight the thrift stores on Melrose Avenue. When I was there last year I was there I copped more items in a day than I did the entire year prior. I won’t name you a specific one because they’re all so good. Just have a stroll and discover them yourself!

Sidecar Doughnuts
Santa Monica
Last but not least… My favourite doughnuts in LA (if you know a better place please let me know): Sidecar. Maple Bacon is the classic but if you’re up for adventure there are many other fantastic combinations to choose from. Grab a variety and stroll over to the beach to share the good times, why not?