Spencer Sutherland fearlessly faces inner turmoil in “Help”
Spencer Sutherland

Working diligently on his music and constantly touring, Spencer Sutherland undoubtedly had a successful 2019. He ended the year by performing a run of iHeartRadio Jingle Ball holiday shows, sharing the stage with artists such as Lauv, MAX and Louis Tomlinson. Unleashing his intimate new release  “Help”,  Sutherland candidly discusses the personal crisis he faced last summer and hopes the single will resonate with others facing anxiety and depression in this time of isolation. Finding the strength to be vulnerable, he recognizes the importance in admitting when you could use a little support. Though the track was written before COVID-19, Sutherland feels his lyrical message can connect with listeners in this time of immense stress and uncertainty. With fierce falsetto and gospel-like harmonies, the elevated track truly inspires.

Ohio native Sutherland possesses a stunning and rare vocal quality. Fusing R&B and spirited pop, his music delivers a sense of comfort and healing. Singing from a place of pure authenticity, Sutherland bares it all and fans feel bonded as they share in his pain.

Check out the soulful sounds of “Help” now!

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