Song Premiere + New Album: Walker Lukens

So, I read a quote about Walker Lukens and it said, “non-sexually threatening version of Prince” (Austin Chronicle). To which, I say, preach AC.

The Austin-based, Houston-bred singer slash multi-instrumentalist Walker Lukens is teasing his new album Tell It To The Judge, set to release September 22 with his new single “Don’t Wanna Be Lonely (Don’t Wanna Leave You Alone)”. Guy walks into a bar and meets Spoon drummer Jim Eno. Oh, it’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s Walker Lukens actual life. What happens next you ask? They become an unstoppable groove factory with Walker & The Side Arms recording new music with him at his studio, Public Hi-Fi and ultimately concocting Tell It To The Judge.

Lukens has placed himself smack in the middle of the playing field with this new track that I can’t stop listening to. This is what it would be like if Prince had a baby with the Talking Heads, let Spoon raise it and named it Walker Lukens.

“I, Walker Lukens, spent the winter of 2009 alone in my New York City bedroom writing songs for a non-existent Elvis movie. The plot was as follows: after getting out of a serious relationship, Fictitious Walker With Elvis-Like Charisma heads to Mexico with Fictitious Best Friend Eric. Unbeknownst to one another, they fall for the same Woman With Otherworldly Charm. The Woman With Otherworldly Charm realizes that her two lovers are friends and, not unlike King Solomon, tells them that they need each other more than they need her. (As it happens, Real Life Walker was recovering from a real life break up at this time alone in a new city without charisma, friends, or money to take him to Mexico). The chords, chorus lyric, and melody for ‘Don’t Want To Be Lonely’ were conceived around this time and meant to be the first song that Fictitious Walker With Elvis-Like Charisma sings to the Woman With Otherworldly Charm. I never finished this song or project but hung on to the tune. Fast forward some years and the finished song became a kind of rock-n-roll Letters To A Young Poet from older me to younger me. Can’t just make songs for films that don’t exist and expect to feel better. Life is people and connection.”

Tell It To The Judge will release on Friday, September 22nd, pre order here.

photo by: Daniel Jackson; Austin Convention Visitors Bureau