Song Premiere: “I Am” by Monogem

“No matter how deep the plunge, the only thing that matters is their togetherness.” 

The vocals of
Monogem in the new track “I Am,” create a delicate and heavenly atmosphere, while also sounding as though there lies a wealth of power beneath them. This kind of control adds an extra element to the track, highlighting the emotional depths and the almost spiritual intensity of the relational intimacy being explored in the lyrics. The airy, echoey, and minimalist style of the song allow the sentiments to fully sink in without unnecessary frills or distraction.

Classified as electronic, this track is not overwhelmed with generic synths or floor shattering beats, but keeps a clean, simple and supportive instrumentation in accompaniment with the vocals. “I Am” is off of Monogem’s sophomore EP entitled
100%, out this Friday. The album can be found here.

On the meaning and images behind the track Monogem says:

“I Am” is an eerie love song. An inspiring visual accompanied my writing process for this song; two lovers standing at the edge of a cliff contemplating the next step, diving into a deeper level together. No matter how deep the plunge, the only thing that matters is their togetherness. Even though the lyric “Two I am, You I am” was written a bit out of order, it continuously repeats as a play on words finding the ultimate meaning: I am two, I am you.

Listen to “I Am” by Monogem below.

photo by: courtesy of the artist